Halloween 2019: Horror Classics To Read In This Spooky Season


With Halloween just around the corner, the festivities are about to begin. While you wait for the fest, here are a few classics to read this Halloween season.

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With Halloween just around the corner, people are eager to begin the festivities. Even though the trick or treating part is far away, there are a lot of things one can do while waiting around. Before the festivities begin, there are multiple things to do to get into the Halloween vibe like bingeing on scary films and shows. Apart from those, here are a few classics for even the book lovers to read this month.

Horror classics to read this Halloween Season

The Shining

Stephen King is a renowned name in the horror genre. Considered one of his best works, The Shining revolves around the Overlook Hotel where things get creepier as the winter sets in. Jack Torrance, a writer, takes up the job of an off-season caretaker for the hotel and notices that the place has become even more remote. The only person to notice the weird forces in the area is a five-year-old gifted boy named Danny Torrance.

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The Haunting of the Hill House

Published in 1959, this novel is written by Shirley Jackson. The book is a story based on four seekers who stumble into an unfriendly house pile called Hill House. At first, the group feels that their entire stay will just be a spooky experience only to realise later that the house is gathering all of its powers to make one of the members one of its own.


Another one of Stephen King’s Classics, IT is set in the town of Derry, Maine. It revolves around the lives of seven people who fend off an evil unnamed terror as teenagers are set to face it once again as grown adults after 27 years. Feeding on the fears and flesh of the town’s people, IT repeats the same pattern every 27 years.

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Dracula is a famous name in the world of paranormal things. Written by Bram Stoker, this book was first published in 1897.  The book is based on Vampire legends set in Transylvania, England. This book also became the major base for other vampire based literary works.


Written by Mary Shelly, Frankenstein is a gothic thriller. It tells the story of a dedicated science student, Victor Frankenstein who assembles a human body using stolen parts from different bodies. Upon bringing his creation to life, all he gets to witness is the creature's hideousness. Traumatized by his loneliness, the creature turns evil and unleashes a death campaign against his creator.

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