Charcoal Benefits: Beauty Perks Of The Product For The Skin


Charcoal is known for its potential to cure and prevent many problems. Here are a few benefits of activated charcoal that helps in various day-to-day problems.

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The latest fad in the beauty world is charcoal masks. Charcoal helps to treat the trap toxins and chemicals in the body, and get rid of them, and the beauty products term this as 'activated' charcoal. It smoothens the applied place and cleans it so the toxins do not get absorbed. This activated charcoal has a porous surface made up of negative electric charge which bonds with the positively charged toxins.

Activated charcoal is different from the charcoal produced after a bonfire, the normal charcoal is dangerous and filled with toxins. Here are a few benefits of activated charcoal that help in various ways.

6 Benefits of activated charcoal

Mold Cleansing

Mold is a fungus that grows on the walls which have water leakages or have constant exposure to moisture. While cleaning these molds make sure you wear masks and hand gloves to avoid inhaling or consuming these fungi. Mold if consumed can cause many health-related problems like vomiting, impaired immune system and more. After cleaning molds one must wash their hands with activated charcoal so that the fungus loses its energy.

Teeth whitening

Charcoal is known for its potential to cure and prevent oral health-related problems. If the teeth have lost its natural white colour due to smoking, coffee or other reasons charcoal helps in whitening the teeth. It also helps avoid and fight gum diseases and makes them strong.

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Avoids bloating and gas

After a satisfying meal, a person would not want to suffer from gas. Activated charcoal helps in preventing gas and bloating. To avoid gas-related problems take not more than 500 mg of charcoal and a glass of water one hour before a meal.

Prevents hangovers

Hangovers happen before of the remains that are left after drinking alcohol. Activated charcoal cannot absorb alcohol but it easily removes the toxins that are responsible for alcohol poisoning and hangovers.

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Filtering water

Charcoal may not be able to be as effective as a purifier when it comes to removing viruses, bacteria, and others. However, activated charcoal helps get rid of impurities from the water such as solvents, pesticides and other chemicals.


For external treatment, charcoal is perfect. It deeply cleans the pores of the skin removing dirt, acne and discomfort from insect bites. Activated charcoal also helps in curing rashes of poison ivy. It is used widely as a skincare product.

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