Skincare And Haircare Benefits Of Rosemary, New Secrets Revealed


Skincare and Haircare benefits of Rosemary which we all need to know before indulging in all chemical products. Read on to know more about the benefits

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Skincare and haircare

A member of the mint family, Rosemary is mostly used as a condiment. This herb is known by the scientific term Rosmarinus officinalis. This herb is skin-friendly and its essential oil can be used as a supplement for hair and skin nourishment.

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Here are Skincare benefits of Rosemary Oil 

1. Rosemary can be used as an option to get rid of dark circles. Use an equal amount of shea butter, rosemary oil, and almond oil and make a mixture. Use the mixture to massage the affected under eye area. Repeat every day to see the best results.

2.  Rosemary helps in reversing ageing. Mix a spoonful with beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil is a good solution for stretchy skin. Use this mixture before bedtime. It will help you reduce fine lines and ageing.

3. Rosemary helps in removing dead cells and gain smooth skin. For this take a little amount of baking soda, rosemary oil, mix well. Scrub the face gently. Repeat every day before washing your face. It can be an accelerant in exfoliating.

4. Rosemary has Vitamin A, which helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Start using rosemary as a natural sunscreen and give the chemical-filled ones a miss. 

5. Rosemary is a good source for antioxidants. Use it in your daily skincare routine to reduce patchy and dull skin. A good amount of rosemary oil will keep the skin healthy and smooth. 

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6. If you have a moderate burn or scar marks, applying rosemary daily for a consistent period, act as a catalyst in the healing process. Vitamin A and the fatty acids help in regeneration and restoring the skin.

7. Use rosemary to make the skin glow. Two teaspoons of rosemary oil mixed with yogurt and honey. Apply it on your face area, once dry, wash and moisturise. For best results use it regularly. 

8. Avoid heavy harmful chemicals in moisturisers and save the skin from cracking by using rosemary oil. We give two reasons to use the natural moisturising properties of rosemary. The skin easily absorbs it. It is easily available.

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Here are Haircare benefits of Rosemary oil: 

1. Vitamin C and the penetrating qualities of rosemary helps provide good conditioning. A massage before your regular hair wash will give you the best outcome. You will see no signs of damaged hair or dandruff.

2. Save your hair from the sun and harsh pollution. The rosemary oil can act as a nutrient for hair. With fatty acids providing reconstruction for thinning, lost hair. This is the best chemical-free option for curbing hair fall. Massage your hair regularly to see the desired results.

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