Male Grooming Tips: How To Maintain A Clear And Glowing Neckline?


Some quick hacks and tips for maintaining a clear neckline. Male grooming tips to define the neckline and jawline so that you look your best for your next meet.

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Male grooming

The metrosexual man is all about grooming and maintaining himself. The stray hair around the neckline can be a nuisance in maintaining your gentleman look. For a formal outing, the growing neck hair is a no-no! We bring you a list of simple hacks and male grooming tips to maintain the hairline and the jawline. Easy steps that can be done at home. 

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Male grooming tip 1: The first step

Own a good trimmer, the one that can go all the way to your shoulder. The stray hair needs to be kept put before it grows dense. Select the one that is meant to clean your neckline and shoulder specifically. A wet and dry trimmer can do the trick. These trimmers can be available at leading e-commerce websites. 

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Male grooming tip 2: Finding and shaping the neckline 

Figuring out the neckline can be a difficult deal as for this, you will need a mirror reference. Stand in front of the mirror and use a precision trimmer to shape out your neckline. Try to imagine a line below your left ear lobe travelling to your right earlobe, trim along the lines. For the back, you will have to use a small mirror or use a threeway mirror. Do not press down the trimmer too hard to avoid any redskin or patches. 

Male grooming tip 3: Remember your face cut

For an oval face, keep the beard length short. For a square face, keep the length of the beard a little longer so that the face to beard volume looks balanced. Remember to comb the beard so that you can shape out the neckline accurately. Any residue should be trimmed off. 

Male grooming tip 4: Styling the neckline

You can pair up the neckline with almost any beard style. One can opt for a moustache along with the beard style. A good length is always preferred. A good hat can go well as an accessory with this look. Or if you prefer to keep it simple, let the length of the beard along the neckline of the be short. 

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Male grooming tip 5: Taking care

Unwanted hair around the neckline needs to be tabbed. Keep in mind that a good neckline will not last long as the stray hair will keep coming back. Keep a trimmer handy and keep those hair growths in check. You would not want any kind of hair reaching your chest, which looks shabby and rather unhygienic. For best results do the trimming regularly. 

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