Soul Patch Beard In Few Steps: Find Out How To Gain A Stylish Jazz Dot


Soul patches are back in style and here is what you need to know about growing and maintaining this beard style. Click here to know about growing a soul patch

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soul patch

The soul patch beard style existed in the early fifties when musicians and hippies brought in their own looks. Since then, the Jazz genre has been popularizing this style of beard. The main man behind the soul patch is Dizzy Gillespie, the same one who invented Jazz Dab. The soul patch has been often symbolized with artistic abilities. Here are the steps to achieve that perfect soul patch look.

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First and foremost

Using a full-sized trimmer start trimming, do not go all out. The size of the soul patch can be varied. Once you reach your lower lip area measure the size of the patch approximately and carefully shape a semi-circle just under the lip, leave it as it is and do not trim the soul patch any further. The lower lip area should have enough beard to shape.

Trimming the soul patch

The next step is to trim the soul patch that you have just left out. Use a precision trimmer to length down the soul patch. Be careful in this step as you would not want to clean shave the small patch. Try to keep a visible but clean amount of hair. 

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Shaping a soul patch

With the size of the soul patch, there isn’t much of shaping. But if you feel that the patch is uneven, use a mini foil trimmer and try to bring it to a perfect semi-circular shape. There should be a small amount of hair left to define the soul patch. Let it stay, this will make the look complete.

Clean shave

Once the soul patch is done, start shaving your cheek and neck areas using regular rotary shaver or a razor, whatever you are comfortable with. For a defined soul patch look, clean shave the neck and cheeks. Do not let any other hair outdo the soul patch. Otherwise, it can look a little messy.

Adding to a soul patch

You can pair the soul patch with a moustache. Follow the process given above, just do not trim your moustache. It can also be paired with a sideburn or a chin strap or a goatee. For some face cuts like the oval, a slight layer of beard will not do any harm. One can opt for a soul patch that’s long and goes until the neckline.

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Taking care

Whenever there is an unwanted growth of hair around the soul patch, try shaping it down. Use a precision trimmer for this process. Sometimes you can experiment by growing the soul patch out. This can be long and give you the advantage of multiple looks in one style. Or you can shape it down to barely existing.

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