Skin Care Routine: Do We Need To Change It According To Seasons?


Skincare routine needs to be changed according to the seasons. Read what factors actually manipulate our skin according to the changing climate and seasons.

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skin care routine

Most of us don't notice that our regular skincare routine doesn't work for our skin, year-round. Just the way we change our wardrobe according to the seasons, the same goes for our skincare routine as well. Our skin changes internally from season to season. Here are a few basic reasons why we need to change our skin routine with every season.

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The Weather

The skincare products that work for your skin during the summer will not be much beneficial for your skin during the winter. The reason is simple, the change of the humidity in the air present in the environment directly affects us. With lower humidity during the cold winter month, our skin’s moisture levels can plunge and dryness can set in. Creamy moisturizers are the key during winter seasons. With the increased amount of humidity in summers, we may notice an increase in oil and shine on your skin. This is when you should switch to lightweight moisturizers and gel-based cleansers. 

Type of skin

This is the basic mistake people make while planning their skincare routine. Just like the season, the skin of each one varies from the other. There are specific types of skin like dry, oily, sensitive etc. To know the best routine for your skin, you first need to know how your skin is and the way your skin reacts according to the climate. There’s no way to craft the right routine for yourself if you don’t know your skin type.

Change in diet

There are some specific seasonal foods that can be only enjoyed during a particular season. The efficiency of the digestive system and water intake of an individual also have a direct effect on the skin. The number of proteins and vitamins an individual intakes and how the immune system absorbs it varies from person to person. So if there is something that is doing wonders for others, the same might cause problems for you.

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