Best Make Up 7 Skincare Tips To Conceal Acne-prone Skin


If you wear makeup on a regular basis and have acne-prone skin, skincare it may be a challenge. Scroll on for the best make up tips to help save the day.

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Make up tips

Applying makeup over acne may seem like a challenge and could also be very frustrating at times. And if you still decide to apply makeup on your face, this may clog up the pores and result in outbreaks. Therefore, it is essential that you know what makeup to use and how to use it to help achieve a more natural look. Good skincare and proper technique can make a huge difference in your daily makeup routine. These beauty tips will help you continue using the products you love while minimizing breakouts:

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Moisturize the skin

The most essential tip to follow before getting into your skincare or makeup routine in to wash your face. A clean and moisturized skin creates a healthy-looking complexion. One should never skimp on moisturizing as your skin tends to produce excess oil to make up the lack of moisture. So before you cover your skin with a layer of makeup, you should always apply a moisturizer. This could be any of your favourite ones.

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Go for light layers

If you suffer from severe acne or acne scars, it may a bit difficult to resist the temptation to slather foundation all over your face to hide the blemishes and avoid unwanted attention to your face. While this may seem convenient, those thick layers would only contribute to more acne and make your existing skin issues look even worse. Wearing a light layer would not only help hide acne but also bring out a better appearance even if a slight hint of redness still shows. You may also add a light hand of concealer if you are looking to boost the coverage of your foundation.

Colour correction makeup

Acne may often also lead to colour discolouration. For those suffering from this problem, their best bet would be to conceal it using colour correctors. The way this works is the opposite colour (contrasting hues) on the colour wheel cancels out the colour of your acne or scars. So for example, if you are looking to cover up those red spots on your skin, a green concealer could be your saviour. For those unaware, this is the secret makeup technique used by makeup artists to cover up the acne marks or other kinds of skin discolouration for photo and film shoots.

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Clean your brushes more often

Lastly, regardless of the kind of makeup you put on your face, it is worth remembering that the brushes you use for makeup may harbour bacteria, oil, and other filth that may lead to acne. The ones that are prone to breakouts should clean their brushes more often. If you frequently wear makeup, you should clean the brushes multiple times a week, depending on the usage. In case you wonder how to wash your brush, a gentle shampoo should get the job done in a pinch.

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