These Creepy Nail Art Designs Are The Latest Trend


A Russian salon called ‘Nail Sunny’ has developed several unusual nail art designs that have grabbed several eyeballs.

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Source: Instagram

Taking the art of manicure to the next level, a Russian salon called ‘Nail Sunny’ has developed several unusual nail art designs that have left its customers and followers on social media in shock! The 'feet-like' nail art designed by the nail salon is currently the internet's favorite. For this nail art design, each nail is re-shaped as a foot that's wearing nail polish and an anklet. The video of the same was uploaded on the salon's Instagram page and it has gone viral since then. While some considered the look disgusting others appreciated the salon for coming up with the innovative idea.  

Watch the video here:

Another nail art design shared by the salon on its Instagram page shows live ants moving inside nails made out of gel. The tutorial video put out by the salon reveals that the nail artists have confined live ants inside the nails. However, answering the question of harming the ants, the salon stated that they have later set the ants free and they were completely fit. 

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Take a look at the video:

The salon has also set a record by shaping the nails like cars. In fact, the salon has taken the innovation too seriously as they have added wheels to the car shaped nails. So, the people opting for the manicure can now move their hands swiftly as they slide their nails on a surface.

Here's the video:

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‘Nail Sunny’ has also paid tribute to fashion influencers like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, etc by shaping nails replicating some of their pictures. For instance, to celebrate Kylie Jenner's birthday, the salon had replicated one of her pictures in one of their designs. Based on one of the pictures from a recent photo shoot where she was featured in a black dress with her daughter Stormi. 

Here's take a look:

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Previously, the salon had come up with a dead mosquito nail art, where they had designed the nails with dead mosquitoes. It portrayed dead mosquitoes on yellowish gel nails. The manicure was gained quite a lot of popularity with this nail art design.

Here take a look at how it was made:

Other than these, ‘Nail Sunny’ has also designed several other interesting figures on the nails like 'Stilettos on Jelly nails', emoticons, bananas, insects and monstrous creatures on nails.

Take a look at their nail art designs here:

(Source: Instagram)

(Source: Instagram)

(Source: Instagram)

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