Christmas Party 2019: 5 Most Innovative Sweater Designs To Opt For A Fun-filled Night


A lot of people have adopted the trend of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters as a fun way of celebrating Christmas. Here's a guide to make your own sweater at home

Written By Alifiya Shaiwala | Mumbai | Updated On:

Ugly Christmas sweaters can come in all shapes and sizes, and honestly, they have become a fun addition to the Christmas parties. It’s a thing that the entire family can participate in together. Ugly sweaters are not always that bad- some really take the festive spirit quite literally and have lights and bauble on them, while others have pockets to hold bottles of wine for those who don’t want to go back and forth for a glass. If one hasn’t started planning their sweaters for Christmas yet, here are five design ideas that’ll help them stand out amongst the crowd.

5 Unique and Special Designs for Christmas Sweaters

1. Classic elf design

This Christmas sweater combines all the elements of the Christmas season- the colours and the characters- to create one funny punch. One can come wearing a sweater, dressed as the elf of the party. Instead of having pictures of tiny elves on the body of the sweater, this time, the wearer becomes the elf - it is an unconventional twist on much-loved sweater design.

2. Christmas present design

One may have forgotten to bring a gift to the party, but that doesn’t matter as long as one brings themselves- because they are the present. To hit this fact home, one can choose to wear a sweater that has the design of a wrapped Christmas present on it- it will help the attendees at the party understand who the real Christmas gift is.

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3. Cats sweater design

Whoever said that cats aren’t festive animals will be proven wrong after witnessing the magic of this sweater design. One can weave in or print images of cats on the body of the sweater for a hilariously adorable result. It’s quite different from what one's guests might be used to, and therein lies the beauty of this amazing sweater.

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4. Christmas stocking design

If one has left the sweater design planning to the last minute and is now scuttling for ideas, this DIY sweater design can come as a real blessing. All one needs to do is glue on a big Christmas stocking to any existing sweatshirt, and that’s a good job done right there. What’s more- the stocking can also work as a pocket for wine bottles and other alcoholic drinks so that one can sneak a bottle or two away for themselves.

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5. Christmas tree design

Why have only one Christmas tree when one can have two? This Christmas, one can take things a step further and dress up like a Christmas tree with their ugly sweater. Again, this is a simple design that can be done at home in minutes. It only requires one to glue a few baubles and pieces of tinsel to a sweatshirt, and thus create an innovative ugly Christmas sweater.


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