Christmas: A List Of Fun Games To Play While Hosting A Party At Your Workplace


Christmas: To make Christmas, even more, exhilarating this year, we have penned down some of the crazy and compelling games for the party at the workplace.

Written By Vageesha Taluja | Mumbai | Updated On:

Christmassy vibes and fairy lights will brighten up your home and workplace alike, as the season is approaching. Exciting secret Santa game and loads of scrumptious food will make your day even jollier during the Christmas season. But to make Christmas even more exhilarating this year, we have listed down some of the crazy and compelling games for making your office party the best one this Christmas.

1.      Lemon and spoon race

After loads of pressure on your shoulder, you think about privileged and fun childhood. This festive season relive your old good days by rejoicing cool games. How to play this game? You have to put lemon on the spoon and hold the other end of the spoon in your mouth. Walk till the finish point and drop lemon in a basket and move back to grab another one following the same process. The one who makes across the finish line without dropping lemon wins. 

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2.      Musical chair

Blended with excitement and fear, the musical chair is not just a children’s birthday party game. This game can be a lot of fun. Put chairs in a row, with one less than the total number of players. Remove one chair every time the music stops. The one who is left in the last wins.

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3.      Tug of War

Choose two captains and let them add an equal number of people on their team. Make sure that both the teams have people with the same amount of strength. Hand over a strong rope to them and once the judge whistles, both the teams will pull the rope. If even one member of the opposite team crosses the line, the other team wins.

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4.      Passing the parcel

Make participants sit in a circle. Provide them with a soft toy or a box which does not bounce easily. Play the music and let them pass, so that when you stop the music the player holding the toy loses. The circle gets closer and closer as people lose. The one left till the end wins.

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