Christmas Songs And Jingles That Have Been Popular Over The Ages


Christmas season is all about being merry and cherishing the moment, here are a few of the most popular Christmas jingles

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Christmas season is around the corner and the preparations for festivities have already begun. One of the most prominent Christmas things is the jingles. They are catchy and always put you in a good mood. It is a representation of the merry nature of the festival. Here are some of the most popular Christmas jingles.

Most popular Christmas jingles

Jingle Bells

One of the most iconic and classic songs are the Jingle Bells song. It isn’t sure how the song originated, but ever since it has been played at any Christmas shop or at a feast. The song got a new twist with the Jingle Bell Rock number by Bobby Helms. 

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Santa Claus is coming to town

This song has kept the fantasy of Santa Claus alive through generations. Children in choirs gracefully and cheerfully sing this song, believing the lyrics of the song. This beautiful fantasy is one of the many things Christmas is all about and this song portrays is well.

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The Little Drummer Boy

One of the most famous songs by Johnny Cash was this song. It is a story of a drummer boy who is attempting to present the perfect gift to Jesus on his birthday. The story is a beautiful tale of the gift of giving Christmas season is all about.

Silent Night

Unlike other songs on the list, Silent Night is a slow lullaby sort of song. It is a type of a song presumed to sing for infant Jesus as he tries to fall asleep. It’s a sort of hymn mixed with a little jingle of the Christmas spirit.

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This is yet another story told in a song. The story teaches us to embrace our individuality, even if they may seem like flaws to others, for we may just have a greater calling than the rest. The song is beautiful and also has a good tune to it. This is among the first song to be sung during advent, which is before Christmas week.

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