Is Today 'National Nap Day'? Here Is A Brief History On It


Is today National Nap Day? Today, March 09, 2020, is deemed as the National Nap Day in the United States. Here is why it exists and why it is important.

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is today national nap day

Have you ever felt so tired that you want to do nothing more than stay in bed and take a nap? If you feel that way every single morning, then today, March 09, 2020, is the perfect day for you. March 09 is termed as the National Nap Day, a day dedicated to napping and resting to your heart's content. Here is a brief summary of why the National Nap day is celebrated and how it came into existence. 

Is Today National Nap Day?

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Every year, on March 9, the United States celebrates its National Nap Day. This blissfully peaceful day was first devised by a Boston University professor and his wife in 1999. Professor William Anthony, along with the help of his wife Camille, decided to create this special day to spread awareness about the benefits of sleep and why it is so important for a healthy life. 

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The National Nap day is supposed to be the one day where working adults can catch up on the sleep they lost due to Daylight saving. Daylight saving is a very common practice in the US, where people have to set their clocks forward by an hour. Several studies in the US have shown that people are the most tired and sleepy after they make the daylight saving changes. Due to these factors, William Anthony decides to turn March 09 into the National Nap Day, when everyone can finally get the sleep they deserve. 

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However, despite the fact that the National Nap Day has been around for over 20 years, it has still not been recognised as an official holiday by the US government. It is not a public holiday either, so people still have to attend their jobs and work full time. But even if it is not official, many workplaces in the US still respect the message behind the National Nap Day and enjoy a glorious midday nap. 

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