New Year 2020: List Of Games To Play At Your Office New Year Bash


The New Year is just less than two months away. Here is how you can up the atmosphere at this year’s office New Year bash and have fun. Read on to know.

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New Year

A work-life balance is very crucial if you want to get the best out of your employees. This has also been the secret of highly successful and efficient companies all over the world. If you have not been following this pattern then do not worry. The festive season is just around the corner and you can organise a few fun activities and parties for your upcoming New Year bash at the office.

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1. Musical Chairs

What party is complete without a fun game of classic musical chairs? You start the game with everyone sitting on a chair each. As the music begins, you remove one chair and the person left without one when the music stops is out of the game. The last standing person wins the game. An old but classic and favourite game.

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2. Blind Artist

In this game, players have to be teamed in pairs. One of them has to hold a picture that is given while the other is given a black piece of paper. The person who has the picture will then explain what is in it without giving out the main details. The other person has to then draw the picture as they go on describing it.

3. Desk Thief

Every employee from the office has to steal one item for every person’s desk throughout the entire day. The items will then be displayed on a table. Other contestants in the game then need to guess which items belong to whom based on their personality. This is a great way for newer people to blend in the office culture.

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4. Balloon Burst

The entire group can be divided into groups of two, three, or four depending on the size of the employees. Each person will then be given a balloon to hold and be asked to stand in a line. They need to run and sit on the chair placed at the finish line. Every person will then be asked to sit on the balloon and burst it. The team to finish first wins the game.

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