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New Year 2022: Celebrate The Occasion With These Easy Happy New Year Cake Designs

As we inch closer to 2022, here are some beautiful cake designs you can easily curate for clocking the New Year festivities with your loved ones.

New Year 2022


New Year 2022 is just around the corner and people are gearing up to marker the festivities with full pomp and fervour. The festive holidays are filled with people spending time with their close friends and family members, rejuvenating themselves after a long cumbersome year as well as binging on exquisite delicacies. As we inch closer to 2022, here are some easy yet beautiful cake designs you can choose from for your next baking session. 

Easy Happy New Year cake designs

  • Chocolate cake 

A chocolate cake never fails to delight your taste buds. You can top it off with some chocolate sprinkles, strawberries or Ferrero Rochers, or just simply write 2022 with the cake batter or coloured fondants. 

  • New Year Poster Cake

One can also opt for an edible computerised design of what they deem relevant to New Year. One can use a poster with champagne bottles popping, fireworks, people raising a toast among other things to design their cakes. 

  • New Year Cake with sparkling tag

If you want to opt for something simple yet edgy, a New Year 2022 tag is the perfect idea for you. You can make the tag using fondant strands and put it on top of your flavoured delicacy. Take a look. 

  • Cookie and Choco Bar cake

Without getting into the nitty-gritty of curating a topping, one can simply add chocolate sticks or cookies to enhance their cake design. Kitkats and Oreo biscuit toppings are something that make for the perfect dessert without a doubt. 

  • Clock themed Cake

Just take a round cake and draw out a clock, with its hour and minute hand pointing close to 12. Add some chocolate sprinkles or whipped cream on the boundary to further amp up the design. 


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  • Rose/ Floral themed cake 

A floral cake is sure to make heads turn with its vibrant colours and lip-smacking flavours. You can either carve the flowers with fondants or just take colourful icing sticks to draw them out all over the surface. Scatter colourful sprinkles all over the cake and you'll have a beautiful design. 

  • Fruit toppings 

If you have a collection of fruits at your home, your cake toppings are sorted. Just pick up a mixture of fruits with vibrant colours and cut them neatly to place on your cake. Berries, Kiwis, bananas, cherry, pineapples are the top picks for this sinful delicacy. 


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