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Shani Jayanti 2021: Date, History And Significance Of This Popular Hindu Festival

Shani Jayanti is a Hindu festival that is celebrated each year in May/June to celebrate the birth of Lord Shani. Read on to know the Shani Jayanti 2021 date.

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Shani Jayanti is a popular Hindu festival that is celebrated every year to honour the Hindu God Lord Shani. Shani Jayanti is regarded as the birth anniversary of this diety. On this day, many women observe a religious fast. Every year the festival of Shani Jayanti falls in the month of May or June. Read on to know the Shani Jayanti 2021 date and Shani Jayanti history and significance. 

Shani Jayanti Date 2021

Every year, Shani Jayanti is observed on the new moon day of Krishna Paksha of the Jyeshtha month, according to the Hindu calendar. In the international calendar, the Shani Jayanti 2021 date falls on June 10. Shani Jayanti is celebrated by the Hindu community across the world. The Shubh Muhurat of Shani Jayanti will start at 1:57 pm on June 10. 

Shani Jayanti History 

As per Hindu mythology, Shani Dev is the son of Lord Surya and Devi Saranyu. It is said that Devi Sarnyu could not bear the heat and brightness of Lord Surya and left him. She went away for penance and left her Shadow Chaaya to take her place. As the story goes, Shani Dev was born during the time when Devi Chaaya was in severe penance meditating Lord Shiva, he was born dark. The dark skin tone of Lord Shani made his father Lord Surya doubt the chastity of her mother and insulted Lord Shani. 

Lord Shani became infuriated by his father's constant insults and cast a cruel curse on him, due to which Lord Surya burnt and became black himself. Lord Shiva stepped into the situation and healed Lord Surya, telling him that Shani is indeed Surya's son. Lord Shiva also gave a multitude of powers to Lord Shani and granted him the authority to punish people for their wrong and evil actions. 

Shani Jayanti Significance

In Indian mythology, Lord Shani is the God of the planet Saturn and the day of Saturday. The planet Saturn (Shani) has a lot of importance in a Hindu person's astrological birth chart. Saturn is often considered a negative influence in a person's life and a person suffering ill fate is said to be suffering the wrath of Shani Dev. However, Shani is also considered to be the planet of Karma meaning Shani Dev tests people with hardship and suffering and if they successfully pull through, they are rewarded with good fortune. 


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