Thanksgiving: Here Is Why The Festival Is Celebrated Around The World


Here is why Thanksgiving is celebrated in the world. It is largely celebrated in the USA, Canada, and in some parts of Carribean islands. Read here to know more

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Thanksgiving is a festival celebrated in the US, Canada, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia. The roots of this festival go back a long time in history. It was celebrated as a day when the crops are ready to be harvested and some of it is sacrificed as for the harvest of next year. These kinds of holidays are celebrated all over the world, but in the USA, it was reportedly started by George Washington after a request by Congress to unify the whole county. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. There are similar festivals with different names in different regions of the world.

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In the present day, Thanksgiving day is enjoyed not just by farmers but by the whole populous of USA. It is a holiday where all the close relatives and friends come together and thank each other for the good deeds that they have done for each other. Traditionally, the hosts cook a Turkey and many other things like mashed potatoes and desserts. All people enjoy the day as a holiday and spend time together watching movies, playing games, parades, and some even have parties. It has been a big part of the culture for a long time.

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Thanksgiving in India 

In India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, Thanksgiving is celebrated under a different name. In South India and Sri Lanka, it is known as Pongal and in Malaysia, it is known as Tai Pangal. It usually happens in the month of January and Indians also celebrate it as a day they get their harvest and enjoy the day with their family. In North of India, it is Celebrated as Lohri majorly by the Punjabi community. These festivals in India are similar to Thanksgiving, as Indian farmers have different activities for welcoming the new season. They also celebrate and thank god for good rains and ask for good crops the next year also. In Kerala, they host boat racing competitions that are viewed as the biggest event of the Pongal season. Other than this, ox races and Kalaripayattu competitions are also held.

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