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What Is International Guide Dog Day And Why Is It Celebrated? Know More About Guide Dogs

What is international guide dog day? When and why it is going to be celebrated this year? Read on to know more about Guide dogs and their importance

what is international guide dog day

Every year, the last Wednesday of April is celebrated as International Guide Dog Day. The day honours the importance of a guide dog in the life of a person who is visually impaired or blind. International Guide Dog Day rejoices the critical role that working guide dogs play in enabling people with impaired vision to get around safely by being independent. International Guide Dog Day 2020 will be celebrated on April 29 this year.

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Why is International Guide Dog Day celebrated?

International Guide Dog Day is a pivotal day in raising awareness about Guide Dogs in our society. On this day, people all across the world thank Guide Dogs who take the lead every day to ensure who are blind are able to experience independence and freedom. It is the day to understand better how four paws and a wagging tail can make a massive difference in one’s life. International Dog Day honours both guide dogs, as well as the hard-working people who dedicate their time to train and match them to their owners.


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What are Guide Dogs?

Guide Dogs are assistance dogs trained to lead blind people around obstacles. Guide dogs provide opportunities for social interaction. They are carefully trained to avoid obstacles, access public transportation, crossroads safely and other daily tasks to help their handlers specific needs. They make the visually impaired to make their way through the world by offering love and comfort to them.


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Benefits of owning a Guide Dog

As per experts, owning a pet or therapy animal offers positive effects socially, psychologically and also physiologically. Guide dogs come with a variety of benefits, they help in providing confidence, friendship and security to their owners. Companionship offered by a service dog helps in the reduction of depression, loneliness and anxiety. They also help in improving their owner's cardiovascular health.

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