Updated March 11th, 2024 at 22:36 IST

Hula Hoop Your Way To A Snatched Waist

Hula hoops are no longer just a fun distraction for kids. There are many who are coming to swear by the 'toy' to paving the way to a toned waist.

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Hula hooping makes for a rather fun activity. Its potential, however, when it comes to fitness, has only recently been tapped into. Lo and behold the weighted hula hoop. But what is it and how can you use it to achieve your fitness goals particularly when it comes to shaping your waist?



Hula-hooping is the latest IT trend

The weighted hula hoop has been taking the internet by storm. Put simply, it is a basic hula hoop that instead of being left loose around the body is fastened to the waist with a rotating weight from a sturdy extension. Before any more information - if considering embracing the trend DO NOT try to create a makeshift version of this at home as it can prove to be injurious.




Moving ahead, the logic is pretty simple. Once fastened, just swing your hips in circular motions. The weight will create extra tension for your waist. When adhered to, over a sustained period of time - of course in congruence with other fitness-centric pursuits including workouts and a clean, nutritious diet - the practice is sure to whip your waist into shape. If you are apprehensive about investing in a weighted hula hoop right at the get-go, consider opting for a traditional non-weighted one which will also make for an effective cardio sprint.

Variations to try with your hula hoop

The torso rotation is the most basic and obvious move when it comes to your hula hoop, weighted or otherwise. Amp up your hula hoop routine with steps. Once confident enough with the torso rotations simply take three steps forward and three steps back as you keep swinging your waist.



Compound movements have been proven to be the most effective during workouts so add in some focused arm circles to your hula hoop routine. 


Published March 11th, 2024 at 22:36 IST