Updated May 26th, 2024 at 00:07 IST

Planking Everyday: Is The Simple, Core-Sculpting Routine Worth It?

A minute of planks everyday theoretically seems like an easy thing to commit to. However, a plank minute, is well known to be longer than an average minute.

Planks | Image:Freepik

There is nothing new about planks. It is arguably one of the most tested and tried moves, in circulation, even before it became cool and social-media approved, to hit the gym. Planks, for the longest time have been quite the buzzword when it comes to straightforward moves that will always help you break a sweat. Ending a good workout with a sturdy plank minute is a rather popular pick among gym enthusiasts. That being said, does it really make a difference?

The many benefits of planking

Right away, planks are believed to be targeting one's abs. While wholly true, there is a whole lot more that a consistent strong plank minute can help you achieve over time. Right off the bat, planks are great for improving posture. Holding up your bodyweight in a straight form not only creates pressure in the torso but forces the spine to partake in shouldering the tension. Additionally, planks, depending on the variation one goes for, also creates (good) tension in the arms, shoulders and back.


Lastly, with your legs hinged at the feet responsible for maintaining the sturdiness that an ideal plank requires, planks also help in working out the legs to some extent, albeit stationarily. As per a Shape report, a plank targets the core (transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, and oblique muscles) shoulders (deltoids)  and upper body (lats, triceps, traps, chest, biceps, rhomboids).

Will planking help you get abs?

To be clear, we all have abs. The amount of definition however, which you may see or desire, has a lot to do with genetics. As per a Business Insider report, “some of us are predisposed by our genetic makeup to store less fat on our stomachs, hence having visible abs at a higher body-fat percentage than others.”


That being said, a minute worth of planking everyday is definitely worth a shot, for both the external as well as internal positive impact it can create.


Published May 26th, 2024 at 00:07 IST