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Weak Ankles? Try These Exercises To Restore Strength

Weak feet can prove to be a strong impediment when it comes to giving it one's all for their fitness goals. Try these moves to dissolve the pain overtime.

Weak ankles | Image:Unsplash

While a determined and strong mind is essentially the first step to setting forth on the journey to achieve one's fitness goals, some physical impediments can create quite the unsurpassable roadblock in giving the same an honest attempt. A rather pressing concern in this regard, is the condition of weak ankles. Ankle pain tends to not just restrict, but isolate the effective use of the lower body during an average workout session. The logic behind restoring ankle health, however tender or however serious, follows the same logic as having a strong foundation for a sturdy structure.



Stretches to prep your ankles for a workout

As per a Cleveland Clinic report, warming up one's ankles prior to hitting the gym - or something lower-body intensive like running - will always serve one in the long run. The most simple (and fun!) in this regard, is drawing the alphabet with one's toes. Lie down on your back and flex one leg into the air as you trace the alphabet with your foot - repeat on the other side.



This should ideally be followed up with a quick routine of supine dorsiflexion and supine plantarflexion. The former involves lying on one's back and taking the feet on the toes so that they are well and arched - hold the pose for at least 30 seconds. The latter, also meant to be held for 30 seconds, involves simply pointing your toes straight so as to create tension around the ankles. Conclude the routine with 30 seconds of slow calf raises.


Exercises that spotlight the ankles

After a good stretch routine, those with weak ankles must focus of increasing their stability. Start easy with the single leg stance. Stand on one foot with the leg slightly bent as you try to create balance - follow this up by trying to extend the raised leg out straight. When confident enough, try to pivot your upper body forward with one arm raised out front and taking the raised leg backwards. Repeat the routine, nice and slow for at least 20 seconds on each side. Another routine to consider is the tandem walk. This simply entails walking in a slow and focused manner by placing one foot in front of the other in a way that the toes of one are touching the heel of the other. 



If you suffer from particularly weak ankles, always consult with your healthcare provider before indulging in a workout routine. 


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