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Out Of Baby Food For Toddlers? Here Are Few Recipes You Can Make Them At Home

Baby food for toddlers includes various purees and porridges that are super easy to make at home. Read to find out the recipes of all the baby food dishes.

baby food for toddlers

One of the most concerning aspects of parenting is making sure that your toddler consumes healthy food and has a healthy diet to help boost their immunity and growth. It is always advised to feed your babies homemade nutritious food to keep all the diseases and allergies at bay.

Especially during such difficult times like the Coronavirus outbreak, it becomes extremely crucial for all the parents across the globe to keep a tab on what they are feeding their toddlers. Usually, most of the baby food recipes comprise of various fruits and vegetable purees and porridge that are easy for the toddlers to swallow and digest. 

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In most Indian households, mothers make sure that their children, especially toddlers, only have homemade baby food. However, several times, parents have a hard time deciding what homemade baby food should they feed their children and how to make baby food. Therefore, here is a list of various baby food for toddlers which are both nutritious as well as delicious and also easy to make at home:


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1) Pea puree

Once a baby reaches the six-months milestone, adding peas to their diet will be very beneficial. The pea puree is a lot more than the first food for toddlers. Its mild taste yet vibrant colour along with the scent of fresh mint makes it a perfect combination of adequately tasty and healthy.

2) Banana puree

All you need to do for making banana puree is to process the bananas into a soft paste or a thick liquid. The processing can be done with the help a potato masher or a blender. However, If they are unavailable then you can simply press the bananas until they turn into a paste.

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3) Brown rice cereal

Bown rice cereal is one of the easiest and quickest recipes to make at home for your babies. All you need is brown rice and a blender to prepare this dish. This dish is packed with magnesium, iron, vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for a toddler's health and immunity.

4) Barley porridge

The right age of introducing Barley to your babies is after they turn 6 months old. It is a nutritious and versatile grain which can be cooked into soups, or made into cereal. Barley is one of the greatest ingredients for baby food as it easily blends into cereal or soup.

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5) Oatmeal cereal and porridge

You can introduce homemade oatmeal cereal and porridge to your baby after they turn 4 months old. However, the correct age of introducing a baby to solid foods is after six months from their birth. Therefore oatmeal cereal can be a better option to start with than rice as many babies prefer their taste more, comparatively.

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Disclaimer: All the above-listed homemade baby food recipes have been taken from various reliable websites and portals. Baby food, especially for toddlers keeps changing as they grow and there are a set of recipes differentiated based on their age groups. Therefore one must always make sure that all the recipes that they are feeding their children are safe and healthy for them and thus, it is advised that one must confirm all the recipes with their doctors to be on the safer side. 

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