Best Biryanis In India: Top Biryani Places In Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi And Hyderabad Reviewed


Check out the best Biryani places in India. Read about the types of biryani in India and best places for biryani in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Bangalore.

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What can one say about the nawab of Indian cuisine that has not already been said? Just the thought of biryani can cause a foodie to go into raptures as their senses start tingling imagining its heavenly aroma and taste. The best quality of steamed basmati rice and authentic Indian spices combined with delectable pieces of meat or fish, all cooked to perfection over several hours has made this dish the undisputed champion of hearts.
Hence, can there be a better pilgrimage for a foodie other than to experience the best types of biryani cooked across famous cities of India? We think not. So, join us as we take you on this delicious journey. 

The Best Biryani in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, has added some of its own unique spunk to the biryani recipe. Many biryani outlets in the city have vegetarian varieties to cater to the large population of veggies in the city. You’ll also find the meat or fish dishes to have fried potatoes in them and a sweetness originating from the use of dried plums. 
Here are some outlets serving the best biryani in Mumbai:


  1. Zaffran near CST 
  2. Jaffar Bhai’s Delhi Biryani 
  3. Tote on the Turf
  4. Hangla's 
  5. Ammi's Biryani 

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The Best Biryani in Pune

The city of Peshwas has a culinary history that goes back hundreds of years. As you would expect, their biryani has a spicy touch to it that adds authenticity to this dish. 
Some outlets serving the best Biryani in Pune are:


  1. SP Biryani House at Sadashiv Peth
  2. George Restaurant at Camp 
  3. Tiranga Non-Veg House
  4. Blue Nile at Camp
  5. Nisarg at Erandwane 

The Best Biryani in Bengaluru

India's Silicon Valley may be a busy place, but everyone stops long enough to enjoy the aroma of a perfectly made biryani wafting in the air. Their unique touch includes cooking the rice and meat together so that even the rice is packed with the flavour of the gravy. Spicy to the core, it is a hot treat! 

Some of the outlets serving the best biryani in Bangalore are:


  1. Lazeez at Koramangala 
  2. Nagarjuna at Residency Road
  3. Ambur Star Biryani
  4. Meghana Foods at Indranagar
  5. Hyderabad Biryani House at Victoria Road 

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The Best Biryani in Delhi

When you visit the Mughal heartland responsible for the actual creation of the modern day biryani, you have the right to expect magic. And Delhi doesn't disappoint! Their spicy rice dishes are designed to satiate your appetite and your soul.  
Here are some not-to-be-missed outlets serving the best biryani in Delhi:


  1. Biryani Paradise, Connaught Place
  2. Muradabadi Shahi Biryani, Nizamuddin
  3. Dilpasand Biryani, Chitli Qabar, Old Delhi
  4. Kolkata Biryani House, CR Park
  5. Dumpukht, ITC Maratha

The Best Biryani in Chennai

The meat lovers of Tamil Nadu's capital city are in awe with their own version of the biryani - The Dindigul Biryani. Created with the local South Indian variety of rice, the dish is utterly unique with the meat cut into really small pieces instead of chunks. 
Some famous eateries serving the best Biryani in Chennai are:


  1. Aasife Biryani, GST Road
  2. Zaitoon, Adyar
  3. Thalappakatti Biryani, Nungambakkam
  4. Ente Keralam, Alwarpet
  5. Copper Chimney, Gopalapuram

The Best Biryani in Hyderabad

Finally, we come to the home of the nawabs themselves. Hyderabad and biryani are two words that are simply meant to live together, forever! This world-famous dish is said to have been introduced to the world by a Nizam appointed by Emperor Aurangazeb. The true star of a layered Hyderabadi biryani is its aromatic saffron rice. 
Among the countless eateries, these are some of the places serving the best Biryani in Hyderabad:


  1. Paradise
  2. Café Bahar
  3. Bawarchi
  4. Shah Gouse
  5. Jewel of Nizam

A Parting History Lesson

The word itself appears to be derived from the Persian word "Birian" which means "fried before cooking". The first Biryani originated in Persia and was introduced to India by the erstwhile Mughal rulers, where it then took on many unique forms blending in brilliantly with local cuisines across the country.  
Let us familiarize ourselves with some of its famous variations:


  • Mughalai Biryani - Chunks of meat, perfectly spiced with scented basmati rice, this biryani has an irresistible aroma that will win you over. 
  • Lucknow/Awadhi Biryani - This traditional dish has meat and rice cooked separately and then layered in a copper vessel where the flavours are better absorbed. 
  • Kolkata Biryani - Like much of this ancient city's history, this biryani was also created in defiance by a banished nawab. The vegetarian alternative includes perfectly browned potatoes marinated with yogurt. 
  • Hyderabadi Biryani - Believed to have been created in more than 50 different versions, this biryani is purely meant for non-vegetarians lovers, cooked with a variety of meat.

While we love listing the big eateries offering mouth-watering varieties of biryani, a true foodie will also know of those super-delicious secret joints that are probably not that big in size and are housed in small by-lanes. So if you know of such places, then do mention them in the comment section below.  


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