Chakuli Pitha Recipe: Odia Rice-based Fried Cake That You Can Make At Home


Odisha cuisine is popular all over the state and famous in some Indian states as well. Here is the chakuli pitha recipe to make the softest dosa version!!

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Chakuli pitha recipe

Odisha, the land of Lord Jagannath, has a rich religious culture which reflects in their food as well. Chakuli pitha is one of the common breakfast meals that are prepared and relished all over Odisha and in some south Indian states as well. Chakuli Pitha can be made of urad dal and rice (biri chaula chakuli pitha), moong beans or whole wheat flour along with many other variations. But here we will discuss the recipe for chakuli pitha made using urad dal and rice. Chakuli pitha is known to be rich in  carbohydrate and protein due to the presence of urad dal and rice. People with digestive problems and acidity should not consume it much. Have a look at the recipe for this Odia version of soft dosa.  

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Chakuli Pitha Ingredients

1 cup of Biri (white urad dal), 2 cups of Rice, Refined Oil, and Salt.

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Chakuli Pitha Recipe

  • Prep the chakuli pitha batter night before the day you want to eat Chakuli pitha.

  • For preparation, soak the listed dal and rice in water for two hours before grinding and turning it into a fine paste. For making a better paste gradually add water to the mixture while grinding along with salt.

  • Let the batter be at room temperature in a container with a partially open lid in such a way that the air can pass through it. 

  • The next morning, give the chakuli batter a mix before using them. Heat a tawa (although a non-stick pan is usually preferred for this purpose), spread some oil on the pan using a brush make sure that the oil is spread all over the pan. 

  • Take the batter in a ladle and spread it on the tawa like you would for a dosa. After a while when one side is partially cooked, flip the pitha upside down.

  • When both sides appear cooked, remove the pitha from the Tawa. Serve it alongside aloo dum or coconut chutney or white chana curry, ghee and sugar or just use any curry to go with the soft biri chakuli pitha. 

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