Naga Cuisine: 4 Most Scrumptious Naga Dishes That You Must Try


Naga dishes are prepared with exotic vegetables native to the state of Nagaland. Here is a list of some of the best Naga dishes that you must try.

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Naga dishes

One of the seven sisters States, Nagaland is filled with bountiful hills and rich flora and fauna. The local cuisine of Nagaland consists of fermented dishes, rice and home-made sauces. Known for its unique flavours, Naga cuisine stands apart from other cuisines in various ways. We have compiled some of the must-try dishes of Nagaland which will satiate your taste buds.

1. Galho

Galho has a similar texture to north Indian khichdi. It is loaded with chunks of vegetables, pork fat, Indian spices and rice. This dish is very simple in preparation and taste. Galho is garnished with ginger-garlic and sometimes without any sides.


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2. Zutho

This is a quite popular drink in the northeastern region. Zutho is a rice beer which is prepared by a method that is used to make pickles and several other drinks. This fermented drink of Nagaland looks white. This porridge-like drink is savoured happily by the Angami Nagas.


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3. Fish in bamboo

Bamboo is a common ingredient in northeast Indian dishes. This is useful in preparing one of the interesting delicacies in Nagaland. The fish is put inside a bamboo tube with added flavoursome spices. After that, it is left in the fire to be smoked till cooked. This helps the spices to absorb in the flesh and gives an amazing aroma.


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4. Akibiye

Naga cuisine offers delectable dishes for vegetarian foodies as well. Locals use exotic and fresh vegetables as ingredients to their various preparations. This humble dish is prepared with colocasia and bamboo shoot. Laced with thick gravy, this scrumptious delicacy is served with rice.  


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