Chhena Podo Recipe: Check Out The Milk Cake Recipe Of Odisha


Chhena podo recipe is one of the popular Odisha sweets which is made by using full fat milk solids. Take a look at the recipe for this scrumptious dessert fav.

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Chhena Podo recipe

Odisha's cuisine is quite different from the other Indian cuisines and you can tell the difference by consuming the staple dishes of the state. Sweets from the state are one of the most preferred dishes in the state. Here we bring you the recipe for Chhena Podo, that is a popular sweet and is loved by every sweet lover.

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Chhena Poda

This sweet dish is among the most famous sweet dishes from Odisha. Chhena Podo is made with kneaded chhena, sugar, and nuts. It is baked for many hours till turns brown. Chena Podo means burnt cheese when translated and one might think about the need to eat a burnt dish, but regardless of the name, with every bite, the taste of the satiating juicy and smoky chhena will blow your mind away. Take a look at the recipe. 

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Chhena Poda Ingredients

Homemade Cottage Cheese, Sugar, Ghee, milk, sooji Rava, Cardamom Powder, and raisins. 

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Chhena Poda Recipe

  • Start making the Chhena Podo by crumbling the freshly made homemade paneer using your hands. Add sugar and cardamom powder at this time and mix it well. 

  • The next step includes adding sooji Rawa along with ghee and milk. Mix this mixture until it is incorporated well together. 

  • Fry broken cashews and few raisins and later add this to the chhena mix.

  • Now prep a baking tin with greasing the sides and base with ghee. Add sugar and hold the baking tin over the heat until the tin base starts the sugar to caramelise.
  • Once the sugar is caramelised and has turned brown, add the chhena mix over it.
  • Set the oven at 180-degree Celcius for preheating now and set the timer for 40-45 min to bake later. 
  • Once the smoked milk cake is cooked, place it on a wire rack to cool for 1-2 hours.
  • Now place the pan upside down and remove the chenna poda so that the cake's top looks like brown and burnt while the lower half is white.
  • Cut the now prepared milk cake into slices before serving.

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