Comfort Foods That Are Popular Choices To Munch During Monsoon


Comfort foods in rainy season are the need of the hour for all foodies. Food which are instant and ingredients which are readily available are the best picks

Written By Aditi Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:
comfort foods

Sitting in the gallery, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, and reading books in a cozy space is one of the best scenarios for rains. Also, as soon as the rain starts pouring, all we think about is food and what’s better than piping hot Indian snacks along with ‘Chai’. Here is a list of five best comfort foods for the rainy season to keep your bellies warm.


The tempting smell of the triangle-shaped samosas is hard to resist for most people, especially during monsoons. The combination of piping hot samosas with green chutney is simply mouth-watering. There are different types of stuffing used to make samosas. Popular samosa types on the streets include aloo samosa, qeema samosa, and vegetable samosa. Also, nowadays, fusion samosas are also preferred in which samosas are filled with pasta or noodles.

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‘Chai and Pakoras’ go hand in hand on a rainy day. Pakoras are basically vegetables or chicken which is coated with gram flour batter and deep-fried until they turn red and crispy. They are the most preferred snacks in the rainy season as the ingredients are readily available and easy to make. Even instant packets of pakoras are available these days.


A warm bowl of soup, a blanket, and Netflix is all you need on a rainy day. Rains make you feel cold, and soups are the best comfort food to go to. They are easy to make, and you have many options to choose from. Popular soup varieties during monsoon include Manchow soup, tomato soup, corn soup, hot and sour soup, chicken soup, cream and sour soup, Thai soup, and paya soup. These soups are readily available in packets and can also be prepared at home.

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Fried Fish

In every nook or corner, you can find people selling different types of fishes. For non-vegetarians, fried fish is the most preferred snack in monsoon. There are different types of fishes like Salmon, Pomfret, Mahseer, Rohu, and Salmon that are popular during monsoon. It is easy to make and works best when served with lemon and Chaat masala.


How can you forget dessert when talking about food and what’s better than fresh hot Jalebis? They are basically pretzel-shaped deep-fried wheat-flour batter, soaked in sugar syrup. They have a chewy texture to it. In some parts of India, Jalebis are served with hot milk, which adds more flavours to it.

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