Diet: Which Are The Food Items That Can Slow Down Your Metabolism?


White flour, apples, and other food slow down your metabolism and makes you fat. Know the food that makes your health bad. 3 food that must avoid for weightloss

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There are a few foods that slow down your metabolism. You can stay away from these 3 kinds of food and stop yourself from gaining weight. The three troublesome things to take the table off are:

Food that slows your metabolism and makes you fat 

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White flour

White flour is the main ingredient in regular bread and pasta. Although white flour is made of wheat,  all the best characteristics of the grains, such as antioxidants and fibre, are removed during processing. Foods that contain higher amounts of fibre like whole-grain meals, on the other hand, improve the metabolism because the stomach has to use extra calories to break down the fibre that is much more difficult to digest.

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Apples are very healthy. The old that apples keep human away from the doctor is known by many,  but there is something people don't know about what apples can do. Apples can slow down your metabolism and make you fat. According to, a certain type of fungicides applied to vegetables and fruits. This fungicide caused fat gain in mice. Thus, it is important to make sure that you always clean your fruits, especially apple before consuming it.

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Sweetened drinks

Sweetened drinks are the absolute worst health drinks. A high intake of sodas and other sugary beverages has been associated with all kinds of health problems, including weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity. According to, your metabolism may be slowed by frequent consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. Sugary drinks like coke, milkshakes, Pepsi, and many more are the worst the health and it is always better to avoid it to lose weight. 

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Disclaimer: The following information has been sourced from various health and medical journals. Before making any changes in your dietary plan with respect to the above-mentioned foods, it is advised that you take the counsel of a nutritionist or a dietician.

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