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Experience Japanese Flavours With These Must-Try Delicacies From The Land Of Rising Sun

From soba to donburi, try these Japanese delicacies to have a taste of unique flavours.

Experience Japanese Flavours With These Must-Try Delicacies | Image:Unsplash

Straddling both the traditional and ultra-modern, Japan is a must-visit destination. The same reflects in its cuisine, a touch of tradition in moderness. Planning to explore Japanese cuisine? Here are some things which are a must try. 


Sushi is one of the first choices of many when you think about Japanese cuisine. This delicacy was one of the first Japanese dishes to be exported to the US after the Meiji Restoration in 1868. Ever since then, its popularity has only grown. Common varieties of sushi include makizushi, nigiri sushi and inarizushi. 

File photo of Sushi | Image: Unsplash


If you enjoy crispy fried food, then this should be your pick. Tempura are slices of meat, fish, and vegetables that have been covered in a special tempura batter and deep fried until they become crunchy and pale gold in colour. The speciality of this dish is that it can either be eaten by itself or even served on top of rice bowls or noodle soups.


This dish enjoys a lot of popularity. Donburi is made by preparing various meat, fish and vegetables and serving them over steamed rice in large bowls. While it can be made using any ingredients, the most common types include oyakodon, gyudon, tendon, and katsudon.

File photo of Donburi | Image: Unsplash 


Also known as buckwheat noodles, soba are one of the three main varieties of noodle most frequently eaten in Japan. Soba noodles are partially (sometimes entirely) made from buckwheat flour. This gives them a distinctly earthy and slightly nutty flavour that sits well with strong flavours. 


Gyoza are moon-shaped dumplings which are made from a minced mixture of scrumptious fillings, like, pork mince, cabbage, green onion and mushroom. These fillings are then wrapped up in a circular gyoza wrapper and crimped around the edges to make a perfect shape. They are then fried on one side and then steamed for 2-3 minutes.


Published February 18th, 2024 at 16:36 IST