French Fries: The History And Origin Of The Popular Junk Food


French fries are very common and popular food all around the world. They are enjoyed by millions of people everyday as a side-dish. Read to know more about it.

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french fries

French fries are undoubtedly one of the most popular food items. They can be described as deep-fried potato chips which are served hot with ketchup or mayonnaise. The salty fries are generally served as snacks in restaurants and cafes. They are made by cutting various layers of fresh potatoes and later on fried in oil. French fries are also served in most of the burger joints as a part of a combo meal which is generally popular among the foodies.

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History of French fries

According to a leading lifestyle portal, the popular snack is claimed to be first sold in France in the late 1780s. They were also reportedly popular at the time when the French Revolution took place. They are commonly referred to as ‘des Pommes Frites' in France. However, several historians have reportedly claimed that French fries were invented in Belgium, as per an article on

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After the dish got commercialised, French fries were only a luxury which was enjoyed mostly by the high-class society but slowly they went on to become very common as good recipes always manage to find their way and travel to different parts of the world. French fries, later on, went to become popular in North-America as well. These style of making these fries have evolved in the last few years. They tend to be made a bit differently in every country according to the taste of preference. They usually have a popular demand among teenagers.

French fries have become very popular side food all around the world and are said to be one of the largest selling snacks around the world. They are even served with fish in various parts of North America. French fries can be also made at home and are a great snack to enjoy with your friends or family on a Sunday evening.

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