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Craving authentic Gujarati food? Try these traditional delicacies during your next Gandhinagar visit

Khandvi to Dhokla, here are some popular Gujarati delicacies you must explore in Gandhinagar during your next visit.

Gujarati Thali | Image:gujarattourism.com

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024 in Gujarat's Gandhinagar in the presence of several global leaders. If you’re planning to visit the capital of Land of the Legends, here are some popular dishes you must try.

Foods to explore in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is a treat for food enthusiasts eager to try the authentic flavours of Gujarati cuisine. From street-side stalls to established eateries, the city has a lot to offer if you’re feeling foody in the home state of India’s Prime Minister.

a monument in Gujarat | Image: Unsplash

Where to try Dhokla in Gandhinagar?

One cannot visit Gandhinagar without trying the iconic Dhokla, a steamed fermented cake made from rice and chickpea flour. Head to Das Khaman House, located near the Sachivalaya Metro Station for a taste of their soft and spongy Dhoklas accompanied by tangy chutneys. This long-standing eatery has mastered the art of creating the perfect Dhokla and you must try it.

Where to try Khandvi in Gandhinagar?

For those with a liking for spicy snacks, the Khandvi at Janta Sandwich is a delectable choice. This gram flour roll is tempered with mustard seeds and garnished with grated coconut and coriander is a savoury delight. This Sector 11 eatery is celebrated for its quick bites and authentic Gujarati flavours.

Khandvi | Image: Unsplash

Where to try authentic Gujarati thali in Gandhinagar?

Gujarati Thali is a wholesome platter showcasing a variety of dishes and cannot be missed if you’re in Gujarat. Visit the iconic Agashiye restaurant in the heart of Gandhinagar, for a lavish Gujarati Thali amid a serene ambiance. The thali typically includes a range of items such as dal, kadhi, roti, bhakri, and a variety of vegetable preparations to serve a foody soul.

Where to try the desert in Gandhinagar?

For a sweet conclusion to your food exploration, head to Gwalia Sweets in Sector 11. Here, the delectable Mohanthal, a traditional sweet made from gram flour and ghee, takes centre stage. Gwalia Sweets has earned a reputation for crafting sweets that capture the essence of Gujarat's rich dessert tradition for years now.


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