Kids' Lunchbox Ideas: Here Are Some Healthy Meal Recipes For Your Children


Planning a kid-friendly lunchbox doesn't have to be difficult. Try these tasty and healthy recipes to ensure that your kids devour the lunch box.  

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Kids Lunchbox Ideas

If you are a mom, you know how hard it is to come up with creative lunch box ideas for your kids. Mothers need to put efforts to make the kids surprised and happy with their lunch boxes. Here are some quick and easy lunchbox ideas for kids. 

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3 Easy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

1.       Meal 1 - Veggie Cheese sandwiches

  • Take a whole wheat brown bread and put a slice of cheese on it. Add some veggies like cucumber, tomatoes and beetroot that include ample nutritional benefits.
  • Beetroot is a great choice for your kid’s solid food experiences, because of its nutritional abundance.
  • Other corners of the lunch box can include yoghurt as it is protein-rich. Also, add some granola to make it the tasty side of the box that kids would love to have.
  • You can also put some grapes and almonds on the other side of the box for the kids to munch on.

2.       Meal 2 - Peanut Butter and Jelly Banana Rolls

  • The next idea up is the peanut butter and jelly banana rolls which can be really great as it is easy for kids to eat and digest.
  • Take a chapati and spread some peanut butter on it with the fruit flavoured jelly or jam.
  • Take a banana, cut it into thin slices and put it on the chapati. This will add on to a rich portion of iron and nutrition to your kid's lunch box.
  • The other side of the lunch box can have some yoghurt topped with sliced bananas.

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3.       Meal 3 – Veggie Chilla and Carrots

  • Take some rice flour and mix it with an equal quantity of wheat flour. Add some salt, black pepper powder, and some garam masala. Mix it well by adding water to it.
  • After that, add some finely chopped carrots, cabbage, capsicum, and onions. Spread the batter on a hot pan. Turn the chilla and cook both sides. This is one side of the lunch box.
  • The other side can include raw carrots and apples which provide your kids with a mix of Vitamin A and C.

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Above mentioned are some of the ideas for your kid's lunch box which are easy to prepare and also loaded with rich nutrients. Not only these are appealing to your kid's taste buds but also they are a very good alternative to fast food. Try these tasty and healthy lunch box ideas.

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