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Marathon Tips To Follow 24 Hours Before You Go For That Big Run

Here are a few Marathon tips that you must follow a day before you go for the big run - whether it is a half-marathon, full marathon or some other. Read more.

Marathon tips

Once you complete the training for running a marathon, it is common for people to get anxious as the race day nears. In the final hours, it is only natural that one feels like they are forgetting about something and want to do everything they can to make sure all their hard work does not come undone by a little mishap. Here are a few things one can do to prep themselves up 24 hours before the marathon. 

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Things to do 24 hours before you run for the marathon

A day before the marathon is a very stressful time for marathon runners. All the rigorous training and high-level physical fitness can all go down the drain if marathon runners do not prepare properly one day prior to the event. Here are a few suggestions by Dr. Santosh Dora, Senior Cardiologist, Asian Heart Institute, to inculcate one day before race day:

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  • Have your dinner early, at least by 6 or 7 pm, a day before the marathon day. Eat carbohydrate-rich food. It needn’t be something very fancy. A simple meal of dal-rice or dal-roti would be enough.
  • Avoid any alcoholic beverages one day before the race.
  • Pack your essential running gears before going to bed- socks, shoes, bib, and wristwatch.
  • Try sleeping by 9 pm so that you can wake up by 3 am.
  • Have a light breakfast in the morning- fruits like apple, banana.
  • If you reach the race track an hour before the start time, then you will have enough time to warm up 30 minutes before the race.
  • Increase your pace slowly and steadily. Get to a comfortable speed and keep it consistent till you reach the finish line.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated.  Consume water (100-150 ml) or sports drink every half an hour.
  • Listen to your body. If you feel tired then slow down, if your chest pains or you experience giddiness then seek immediate medical assistance.

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