Noodles Recipes: Three Ways To Make Your noodles Taste More Delicious


Noodles are one of the best food, they are easy to make and satisfy our hunger pangs almost instantly. Here are a few ways to make your noodles even better.

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Noodles are one of India’s most recognisable dishes. Regardless of which part of India it is, people absolutely love noodles. Be it the favourite Maggi, or the Chinese noodles, people love this dish and are drawn to its amazing taste. Noodles are of the easiest dishes to cook and require little to no effort at times. Hence they are loved by all. Thus here are a few ways that you can try to make your noodles even better.

Noodle recipes: Three ways to make your noodles even better 

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Adding egg to your favourite noodle will just amplify the taste and will provide you with a thick broth. Adding a half fried egg in a bowl of ramen noodles is a suggested preference.  However, adding a whole egg into a bowl of Maggi would also make the dish tastier. Add the egg while the Maggi is still being cooked to get a scrambled egg type of taste. Another way is to add a boiled egg after the Maggi is cooked. Just add the boiled egg, cut it in slices and top it off with a little seasoning with pepper or paprika. 

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Cheese is something that will make your noodles just miles better than regular noodle. This will not only satisfy your taste buds but will also fill up your tummy. To experiment a bit further you can try adding a few other sauces to the dish as per your preference. Once you are satisfied with your additions to the recipe, sprinkle some spring onions on the top.

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If you are making your noodles and want the taste to be elevated and feel it in every noodle, try making the dish in its broth. Once you cook the chicken or the veggies, avoid throwing away the broth and rather cook the noodle in it. This will amplify the taste of the noodle-making it tastier and smoother.

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