Pasta's Most Popular Forms And Varieties From Around The World


Pasta is one of the most loved Italian dishes in the world, and has more than 15 types. Read on to know the list of the most commonly found pasta in the world

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People all around the world love pasta and consume them in variations. It is an Italian dish served with garlic bread or cheese bread. However, not many are aware that there are more than 15 kinds of pasta available. Here is a list of the most popular kinds of pasta from around the world.

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Types of Pasta


Penne is the most commonly found variety of pasta. Penne is a long pasta which is cylindrically shaped with the ends cut at a bias. Penne is the plural for the Italian word Penna, meaning feather or quill. The penne pasta was created to imitate the fountain pen nibs.


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Macaroni is a dry pasta shaped like narrow tubes. It is made with durum wheat and generally cut in short lengths. Macaroni is derived from the Italian word ‘Maccheroni’, which means straight, tubular, square-ended short pasta. Popularised from North America, Mac and Cheese is one of the most famous pasta dishes made from Macaroni.


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Lasagne are flat and wide in shape. Lasagna is probably the oldest type of pasta. Lasagna or Lasagne commonly refers to pasta dishes made up by stacking up layers of pasta with a variety of sauces and meats or vegetables in between. A lasagna casserole is prepared from baking cooked pasta stuffed with other ingredients; typically cut into single-serving portions.


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Ravioli are a type of pasta made up with a filling enveloped in thin pasta dough. They originated as a traditional food in Italian cuisine and usually served with a sauce or broth. Ravioli are commonly square, though other shapes are also used. The most frequently found variations of ravioli are circular or semi-circular.


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Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical pasta. It has a thicker variation known as spaghettoni and a thinner variation capellini. It is one of the staple foods in Italian cuisine. Authentic spaghetti is made from durum wheat or semolina.


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Fusilli is another very commonly found type of pasta, made into a corkscrew or helical shapes. The word fusilli presumably comes from the word Fuso which means ‘spindle.’ Fusilli is from a combination of whole wheat and other ingredients. The term is also used to describe another type of pasta known as Rotini in the USA.


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