Pregnancy: These Are The Drinks That Must Be Avoided When Expecting


During pregnancy, certain drinks can have adverse effects on the mother and child. So, here are few drinks that should not be consumed during pregnancy.

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You may have to make a drastic change in your dietary lifestyle when you come to know that you are pregnant. Although at times, you may feel that things you consume are healthy, they tend to harm you during pregnancy. A few drinks are very necessary to be avoided during pregnancy as these drinks can have adverse effects on the mother and child. So, here are the drinks that should not be consumed during pregnancy.

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Drinks that are to be avoided during pregnancy

Juice made from Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has wonderful benefits, and most of the pregnant women believe that healthy pregnancy without wheatgrass is very rare. But very few people are aware of the presence of different microbes and moulds present in wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is usually harvested in damp and moist weather, to make it a paradise for various microbes to flourish. As the juice of wheatgrass is prepared from the raw wheatgrass, germs can easily find their way into the juice. Hence when the juice is consumed, it can cause a massive imbalance in the present nutrients of the body.

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Diet Coke

It can be stated on the package that it is a healthy drink to consume and also good for health, but the main ingredient that is present in diet drinks and cokes is caffeine. It includes artificial sweeteners, one of the primary ones being saccharine. Saccharine contains most of the strong chemical that easily finds its way through the placenta, reaching the baby. So, if a pregnant lady consumes the drink in excess, it can start disturbing the baby’s growth, causing defects.


For most women, drinking coffee may be a pretty integral part of their morning routine. However, excessive caffeine is not good during pregnancy. If you are finding it difficult to do so, you can restrict yourself to not more than two cups of coffee consumption. Especially in the first trimester, try to keep the consumption very low, since there is a  risk of caffeine causing a miscarriage around that time.

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Aerated beverages

Consumption of aerated drinks or soft drinks has become a regular activity in today’s modern lifestyle. Any fruit or cola flavoured drink, which you feel acts as refreshment can, in fact, harm your baby’s health. This is because not only these beverages have caffeine in them, but some of those also tend to contain a chemical named quinine. The combination of caffeine and quinine can be dangerous for an expecting mother.

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