Single Origin Coffee: What Is It? And Places In Mumbai You Must Visit To Try It


Single origin coffee has its taste, colour or even their culture. As one must try these places for single-origin coffee as it will give a different feeling.

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single origin coffee

Single-origin coffee is sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. Single farm means that the coffee is sourced from one farm or mill. Coffees that are not single-origin are referred to as blends, which include more than one single-origin coffee. One can easily make out the difference between the two, as there is a lot of difference in taste, the way they are brewed. There are few coffee shops that serve single-origin coffee. Here are few cafés that serve single-origin coffee. If you are a coffee lover or you want to try the single-origin coffee, then these are a few must-visit cafes.

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Starbucks is known for its coffee and has a rich history of sourcing coffee from Rwanda, Guatemala, and Timor. They were able to provide three distinctive single-origin coffee. All three flavours are unique and have a taste of its own. Starbucks also serves various types of coffee and have numerous outlets that are spread over Mumbai. They also offer a work-friendly environment.

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The coffee bean and tea leaf

The coffee bean and tea leaf source its coffee from Kenya, Sumatra, India, Peru, East Timor. The café also serves single-origin coffee and is famous for the way they brew their coffee. They also mentioned that they pick their coffee to the strengths of the climate and geography from a specific region. The coffee bean and tea leaf have an exquisite range of coffee and tea. They have few outlets over Mumbai.

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Zen café

Zen café serves single-origin coffee, they also state that their coffees are brewed with precision and served with freshly baked dough. They also serve a global menu and also offer a work-friendly venue. It is located in south Bombay. The café has received good reviews for the ambience and the serving.

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