Smoothies | 3 Best Spinach Easy-to-make Recipes That You Should Know


Smoothies are one of the best refreshments and are very easy to make. Read ahead to know about three best spinach smoothie recipes that you should know.

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According to nutritionists, nutrient-rich Spinach is also rich in fibres, vitamins A, C & K and magnesium. It also contains a high amount of iron, and it is perfect for weight loss. People find spinach less tasty than other vegetables. There are ways through which you can consume spinach daily; in the form of smoothies. One can experiment with smoothie recipes with spinach and see how spinach can be made tastier. Here are some of the spinach smoothie recipes that one can make easily at home:

Watermelon Strawberry Spinach Cooler

This fresh drink is a perfect taste of summer. Sweet strawberries and hydrating watermelon mixed with spinach make it healthier than one can expect. Add a bit of tropical zest and some tart lime to bring out the flavours. Use baobab powder as it provides calcium, vitamin B, and also vitamin C. Mix all the ingredients together to get a light smoothie that is perfect for weight loss.

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Coconut Spinach Cantaloupe

This green drink is sweet and unimaginably very tasty. Coconut water and coconut flakes add the benefits of a fruit’s nutrients, including potassium. Coconut is proven to be good for the heart. Spinach is one of the best green leafy veggies amongst the rest. Spinach contains vitamin A, C, E, K, and B6. It is rich in folate, zinc, and magnesium. Sweet cantaloupe and some tart make this smoothie a true delight.

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Orange Ginger

Ginger consists of anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming ginger daily may help in reducing gym-related muscle soreness. Adding mesquite powder which is a natural sweetener provides a caramel-like taste to the smoothie. The mixture also contains hemp seed that is a fabulous vegan source for Omega-3s. Blend them with spinach, tangerines, and bananas. A perfect refreshing tropical smoothie is ready to be served. Enjoy this amazing drink with friends and family and serve it in parties.

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Disclaimer: The health benefits and the recipes of spinach smoothies are compiled from various sources. Before, including these recipes as a part of your diet or weight-loss plan, it is advised to take the counsel of a dietician.

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