Snacks For Mid-night Hunger That Are Tasty And Healthy Too


Listed inside are some tasty snack options for your midnight cravings. They are not only healthy but can be an absolute treat for your taste buds too. Read on.

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Late-night hunger pangs occur to almost everyone. After a busy evening, a human body needs proper sleep. Due to which, a lot of people skip dinner and it results in a crawling stomach that wants food. Having anything solid after sunset is not considered as healthy. Hence, listed out to you are some tasty and healthy food items for a midnight craving. 

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Cereal and milk

Cereal and milk can make a smart midnight snack. But try to take only half of the portion of your routine bowl. Cereal's calories and milk's calcium will help you feel full. Calcium in dairy products generally have minerals that play a direct role in the production of sleep hormones. 

Yoghurt with berries or other fruits

It is already mentioned that dairy products are good in the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. In a bowl of plain yoghurt, add some berries like strawberry or blueberries, and if you don't like either of them you can take any fruit of your choice. Adding honey and finely chopped nuts will enhance the taste.

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Bread with jam and peanut butter

Most of us had this as our favourite snack during childhood. The bread-jam or bread-butter is the easy-to-go thing that can be eaten anywhere, anytime. On two slices of brown bread, spread jam and butter on each and your midnight healthy and tasty food is ready. 


For the health-conscious individuals, who keep account of their calorie bank, popcorn is the saviour. Popcorn has a good amount of fibre that can feed your hunger. If you want to add flavour to your plain bowl of popcorn, add dried spices and grated cheese.

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Fresh fruits and nuts

Nothing can be as healthy as fresh fruits and vegetables. If you get terrible mid-night cravings, go for some fresh fruits or vegetables. They not only give you proteins, minerals, and vitamins but can also be prepared in no time. But avoid having a mix-fruit salad for mid-night as the digestion time of each fruit differs, it might disturb your sleep because of an upset stomach. 

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