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Along the way, the Subway chain redefined fast-food marketing by proclaiming its “healthfulness,” embedded itself within the American pop cultural zeitgeist, and became the default meal for catered lunch meetings everywhere

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The World may have some of the best restaurants sprinkled around, but sometimes, one is just too busy to take advantage of that. That’s why, when someone is desperately trying to find something to cram down our throats at lunchtime (and one can’t even find a bagel shop), they sometimes turn to the ubiquitous chain for a hasty six inches (12, if they feeling feisty) of a salty, customizable sandwich. But which ones are good, and which are just taking up valuable space on the menu?

It could be argued that what McDonald’s did for the hamburger, Subway did for the submarine sandwich. Granted, various forms of the sandwich existed for decades before the chain opened its first store in Connecticut in 1965, but Subway took the concept -- simple sandwiches customized to patrons’ tastes -- and brought it to the international market, opening over 40,000 stores in the past 53 years.

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Along the way, the chain redefined fast-food marketing by proclaiming its “healthfulness,” embedded itself within the American pop cultural zeitgeist, and became the default meal for catered lunch meetings everywhere. It is for better or worse an American fast-food institution.

Subway is an American privately held fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads. Subway is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world and, as of June 2017, had approximately 42,000 stores located in more than 100 countries.

1. Spicy Italian:

One thing this taste test has made abundantly clear is that if a Subway sandwich doesn’t have pepperoni and salami, then it is of no use, to even taste it. And that’s why this spicy Italian is here to the rescue! All other subs must bow before the glory of this king of sammies, free of the distractions of lesser meats. Is it actually spicy? Not even a little bit. Does anyone care? Absolutely not.

2. Turkey Italiano Melt:

Something surprisingly pleasant happens when you combine turkey with the spicier meats of the Italian BMT, and no one should feel embarrassed to be seen sitting on a park bench shoving this foot-long in their mouth. Some have even commented, “The vinaigrette is ON POINT!” for this beautiful little subway sandwich. If you have something of a fascination of turkey, then this one is right for you.

3. Italian B.M.T.:

This Italian B.M.T. - Genoa salami, pepperoni, and Black Forest ham – it is a hot menagé à trois one wish to join in a delicious after-hours orgy. After you have had a few and it’s late at night, your 800 calories of salty spice are the only meat your bodies desire. Consumers have rated it as a classic – you will never go wrong with this choice.

4. Subway Club:

Considering the insipid nature of Subway’s turkey, ham and roast beef on their own, customers have always been a bit timid to try this signature sammie. Yet those that did, were pleased with what they got. Some of the most glowing reviews included, “Good!” and “Actually pretty tasty!” Clubbed together with ham, turkey and roast beef, it is not at all a nightmarish dish – it’s literally a subway club.

5. Tuna:

Tuna – popularly known as the chicken of the sea – dives into a deep ocean of creamy mayonnaise in this version of a lunch favorite. It might be a bit soggy, but it still tastes like tuna and tastes solidly good. You can get this sandwich with the help of Subway promocode at a cheaper rate.

6. Black Forest Ham:

The Black Forest Ham is most “basic” sandwich of the Subway family. “Yawn,” is a general opinion, and it is not wrong. Not even mustard could liven this literal bad boy up. The sandwich is as bland and as dull as it can get.

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7. Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham:

Subway finally answered the question no one was asking: Just what happens when you combine the two blandest sandwich types of meat of all? As can be expected, the responses it received ranged from “Meh,” to “Fine,” to “It’s a sandwich.” As usual, these two taste good separately, but together? Meh.

8. Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt:

Chicken and Bacon are everyone’s favorites – it is a wonder that this has some hard-found complaints. This is some of the favorite of the hot chicken choices, which is not a valid proof. The cheese is okay, and so is the slightly smoky, ‘ranchy’ flavor, but it is sad to taste the chicken – it’s texture still feels a bit like Silly Putty.

9. Chipotle Chicken Melt:

This is not that bad, but there have been numerous complaints about this specific subway sandwich. One person did report, “It should have been my favorite, but it’s too bland,” while another simply stated, “Not as good as it sounds.” The chipotle is a world favorite, the chicken is an absolute favorite – but the combination is, apparently, not that much good – it’s like one is into the guacamole though.

10. Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki:

This might possibly be one of the worst subway sandwiches, with most complaints filed against the chain for the blandness of the food item. It has a flavor, hands down, but it goes in an entirely different – even less pleasant – direction. The taste is a near-candy level of sweetness – and it might leave you gasping for water, and possibly looking for a toothbrush. If you have a subway promo code lying around, refrain from using it on this one, unless you like your subway sandwich sweet.

Befitting its iconography, the list has decided to figure out which of its mainstay 10 sandwiches are truly greatest. While the list realizes that Subway encourages customers to personalize most of their sandwiches, it has defaulted to using lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, mustard, and mayo for any sandwich that doesn’t come with a pre-determined suite of toppings, as well as 9-Grain Wheat as our bread of choice. Also, all “cold” subs were graded without toasting them because let’s be real: cold-cuts should never be hot.


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