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Summer Delight: Healthy Fruit-based Ice Cream Recipes To Try At Home

During the summer season, ice cream is a treat that everyone likes to indulge in. They are best and easily prepared at home. Know the recipes here.

Avocado ice cream | Image:Freepik

Relishing a scoop of deliciously churned out ice-cream on a sunny day, is something none can resist easily. While heading out for ice cream is a popular choice, creating homemade ice cream offers a unique opportunity to craft a healthier version of this delightful dessert. You don't need an ice cream maker or fancy ingredients. But you do need a certain attention to detail. If one's not precise, you will end up with lumpy pieces of frozen milkshake which cannot be called ice cream. Utilising fresh and dry fruits as primary ingredients, these recipes ensure a wholesome yet indulgent experience. Here are some healthy ice cream recipes to try at home.

Coconut ice cream: A tropical treat

Ingredients include fresh grated coconut, coconut cream or thick coconut milk, and honey. The process involves roasting grated coconut until golden, blending honey with coconut cream to stiff peaks, combining the two, and freezing for 6 to 8 hours for a tropical delight.

Vanilla cashew ice cream: Nutty goodness

This recipe calls for fresh whipped cream, cashews, brown sugar, and vanilla bean. The method includes whipping cream, adding vanilla, crystallising brown sugar with cashews, and incorporating the caramelised nuts into the whipped cream before freezing overnight. The result is a nutty, creamy treat garnished with roasted cashews.

Choco almond avocado ice cream: Decadently healthy

Ingredients for this creamy concoction are almond milk, roasted almonds, ripe avocado, condensed milk, and melted dark chocolate. The almonds are roasted, chopped, and added to a blend of almond milk and condensed milk, along with avocado puree. After freezing in moulds, the ice cream is dipped in chocolate and frozen again for a rich, healthy dessert.

Guava chilli ice cream: Spicy kick

This one offers a unique blend that promises to tantalise your taste buds. Merging the sweet, tropical essence of pink guava with the bold kick of red chilli powder, this recipe offers a unique twist to regular ice-creams. 

The recipe calls for simple, yet flavourful components, two ripe pink guavas, 100ml of fresh cream, four spoons of palm sugar for a caramel-like sweetness, and a spoonful of red chilli powder to introduce a fiery contrast.









Published March 15th, 2024 at 23:37 IST