Updated April 20th, 2024 at 23:18 IST

Transform Leftover Chapatis Into Tasty Lunch Items

Chapatis are a staple in our daily diet. Here are ways to utilise leftover flatbreads with a delicious and flavourful twist.

Chapati | Image:Unsplash

Have you ever found yourself puzzling over what to do with leftover chapatis from last night's dinner? Instead of discarding these staple flatbreads, consider transforming them into innovative and delicious lunch options that will revitalize your midday meal routine.

Chapati Quesadillas: Give your leftover chapatis a Mexican twist by using them to create quesadillas. Simply layer your chapatis with an assortment of vegetables, a sprinkle of your favorite cheese, and any condiments you desire. Place another chapati on top, slice into triangular pieces, and grill until the cheese is deliciously melted.


Spicy Chapati Rolls: Spread some hummus or cream cheese on your chapatis, top with freshly sliced vegetables and your choice of meat, and roll them up. This makes for a spicy, quick, and filling lunch that's easy to carry and satisfying to eat.

Homemade Chapati Pizza: For a fun and easy lunch, try making chapati pizza. Top your chapatis with vegetables, a few condiments, cheese, and herbs. Bake until the cheese bubbles for a crispy and flavorful alternative to traditional pizza.


Versatile Chapati Wraps: Utilize your chapatis as wraps. Fill them with leftover curry, cooked chicken, tofu, or fresh vegetables for a hearty and flavorful wrap that packs a punch.

Innovative Chapati Salad: For a lighter option, tear your chapatis into bite-sized pieces and toss them with mixed greens, chopped vegetables, and your dressing of choice to create a crunchy chapati salad.


Chapati Stir-Fry: Transform chapatis into a pseudo-noodle experience by cutting them into strips and stir-frying with leftover vegetables, tofu, or meat along with a dash of soy sauce for a quick and savory stir-fry.

Delightful Chapati Sandwiches: Use chapatis as bread and layer them with cheese, salami, lettuce, and tomato for a hearty sandwich that's both nutritious and filling.


Creative Chapati Nachos: For a snackable delight, cut chapatis into triangles, bake until crisp, and top with black beans, cheese, salsa, and guacamole for a unique take on nachos.

These creative uses not only reduce food waste but also add a delightful twist to your culinary repertoire, making those leftover chapatis a sought-after ingredient rather than an overlooked leftover.


Published April 20th, 2024 at 23:18 IST