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Ketogenic Diet: Indian Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan For Quick Weight Loss

Get keto diet plan suitable for Indian vegetarians. Keto diet or Ketosis diet mainly consists of eating fat-rich food and shunning carbohydrates to assist weight loss. Here’s an easy 7-day vegetarian keto diet plan with Indian food.

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Why should you go for the keto diet?

Going on a keto diet basically triggers ketosis – where we push our body to burn off the fat reserves in the form of energy instead of craving for carbohydrates. The diet helps us to utilise the same so that we consciously do away or limit our consumption of carbohydrate and use our fat to keep us active round the clock. Eventually, the fat melts away and with regular balance, we can get rid of our fat for good.
There are no bonafide foods that exclusively trigger ketosis. It is the planning of a diet and the execution of the same that helps us to commence ketosis in the first place – which takes place within a window of three days if done properly. Bear in mind that in no way are we depriving our body of the other essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins and minerals.
However, there are a few scientific and logical rules one must understand before choosing the foods to consume during Indian vegetarian keto diet:
•    One can consume any items that are rich in fat and extremely low on carbohydrates.
•    Avoid sugar in any form although artificial sweeteners like maltose can be used (except for people who have gastric problems), desserts or sweets whatsoever can disrupt ketosis as your body can switch to deriving energy from carbohydrates.
•    Items that are high on carbohydrate like starchy vegetables like potatoes should be avoided.
•    Research the nutrient value of any food before you consume it - if it is rich in carbohydrates, it is not fit to be in your diet.
•    Avoid processed foods as they are high on preservatives and hidden sugar, follow the farm to plate policy
As long as you do not consume carbohydrates, you can be in ketosis until you lose weight. If one is extremely obese, then it might take some time to show its effect as the unused fat will be used first before the actual process of ketosis happens. Fortune favours the brave, so don’t give into temptation and gobble up sweet desserts or starchy French fries. You can follow the Indian or Western Keto diet plan, whatever suits your needs and taste-buds. Over here, we will cover a four-week meal plan for the Indian vegetarian keto diet.

Why go vegetarian?

Going on a vegetarian keto diet plan in India has a lot of benefits. One might feel that he/she is missing out on the goodness of the amino acids present in protein given the discount on the meat and eggs, but honestly, there are a lot of other vegetarian alternatives like cottage cheese and mushrooms to compensate for it! 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider going on an Indian vegetarian keto diet plan. With the variety of vegetarian foods that India has, you will never miss out on the meat and eggs!
•    An animal-protein free diet actually improves our skin condition. Low sugar intake and the consumption of fibre rich foods help in reducing skin problems like acne and pigmentation without affecting our hormone levels.
•    An animal-protein free keto diet is anti-carcinogenic as they can be acidic in nature. By alkalizing your diet with the increasing amount of vegetable intake, we reduce the chances of cancer.
•    Our levels of blood sugar and blood pressure become even as we increase the intake of essential fatty acids but level it out with the intake of fibre as well as potassium-rich foods.
•    Our immunity becomes stronger as well as internal inflammation is reduced after following the Indian vegetarian keto diet.
It is recommended to do a ketone-urine test to see whether the body is really in a state of ketosis or not by seeing the increase in the level of ketones in the urine.

Here is a simple 7-day plan of an Indian vegetarian keto diet which anyone can easily follow!






Paneer bhurji (400 cal for a 350 gm serving)

Soya bean curry with a soy flour chapatti
(3.5 ounce serving has 336 calories + 48 calories)

Cucumber and carrot salad with vegetable soup and any other vegetable curry (35 cal + 49-80 cal)


Fresh salad with olive oil dressing (47 cal per serving of a cup)

cauliflower or broccoli roasted with herbs
(90 cal per serving)

Quinoa flour chapatti with palak paneer
(50 cal + 470 cal)


Soya bean and peas sautéed with garam masala  (290 cal per serving)

Mushroom with cauliflower grated into rice-like consistency
(160- 200 cal)

Salad of beets, carrots and cucumber
(45 cal)


Sauteed and herbed paneer (400 cal)

Spinach curry with soya flour chapatti (126 cal + 48 cal)

Vegetable soup with salad (49 cal + 45 cal)


A vegetable smoothie made of tomatoes, carrots, kale and bottle gourd (250 – 300 cal)

Paneer curry and quinoa flour chapatti
(300 cal + 48 cal)

Sauteed vegetables or fresh green salad
(60 cal or 45 cal per serving)


Herbed chapatti  with soyabean curry (55 cal +300 cal)

Green smoothie with a small helping of paneer bhurji (250 cal + 100 cal)

Roasted herbed cauliflower (90 cal per serving)


Chilli soya with soya flour Chapatti (300 cal + 45 cal)

Vegetable pulao made of cauliflower rice (250 cal)

grated paneer with green salad (300 cal + 45 cal)

Other than following this meal plan stringently, some modifications can be made while adjusting one’s palette. One can consume dried fruits, nuts and seeds as a snack besides having green tea in the evenings or lemon water in the morning.

Remember not to give in to temptation by consuming the forbidden, unhealthy foods. Avoid drugs and alcohol completely and drink lots of water. Rest assured, we really hope you find this Indian vegetarian diet plan for weight loss helpful in your journey of losing some extra kilos!

Disclaimer: It is advisable to consult a nutritionist or dietitian before going on a keto diet.



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