Best Mattresses For Back Pain - Best Mattress Brands In India


Get the best mattresses in India to soothe your back pain. Get a detailed analysis of the best mattress brands on durability, comfort and value for money.

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The perfect bedroom deserves the perfect mattress. Not only can it improve the quality of your sleep, but it can also determine how the rest of your day goes. Since we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, it is crucial that the mattress you pick offers optimum comfort and support.

There are many types of mattresses that you can choose from India. In terms of material, there are memory foam, gel, pillow top, waterbed, innerspring, air bed, latex, and adjustable bases mattresses. In terms of size, there are twin, twin XL, full, king, queen, and California king mattresses. You can also select mattresses based on your needs, such as if you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, have back pain, are heavy, are pregnant, or share the bed with a loved one. The types are countless. Some of the best mattress brands in India offer the ideal combination of features.

Following is a list of the best mattresses in India to help make you make the right choice.

1.    Wink & Nod Lite – Orthopedic Cool-Gel Mattress

This is a memory foam mattress from the best mattress brand in India. It is specially designed for people suffering from orthopaedic problems, making it the best mattress in India for back pain. It is firm yet pliable. It is not very soft nor very hard. It has a removable polyester top layer, which is luxurious and breathable. Your back need not be stressed ever again. Sleep can be sweeter than ever with this mattress.

2.    Wink & Nod – Memory Foam Mattress

This is an innovative sleep and mattress product, which offers high quality at a good price. It has four layers for optimal temperature control and support, which are a breathable and removable bamboo fiber material cover, foam support with high density, a cool gel memory foam, and a base layer that is non-slip. Sink into the lush lap of comfort with this sleep-inducing and soft mattress. It is easily the best mattress in India for a good night’s sleep.

3.    Wake-fit Orthopaedic Mattress

This is the second best mattress in India for back pain, made with the most recent technology to free you from troubling sleep disorders. The most attractive features of this mattress include high comfort, durability, and a pleasant airflow/temperature all night long. The cover fabric is quilted cotton of premium quality, and the enhanced support saves you from back pains, giving you a rejuvenating sleep. This mattress is available in several different sizes and comes with a five-year warranty.

4.    The Hush Grandeur Mattress

This is one of the best mattress brands in India. The polyurethane foam of the mattress is highly resilient. Additionally, the inner core pocketed springs are the best in the market. Together, these features ensure peaceful and trouble-free sleep like never before. Moreover, the upholstery is made from certified Belgian Jacquard fabric, providing extra firm support. Enjoy sweet dreams with this coveted mattress crafted from Motion Buffer technology.

5.    The Flor Mattress – Ergo & Ortho Models

This thick mattress measures six inches in width and helps draw out all of your exhaustion, transporting you to a land of restful sleep. The Ergo variant uses proprietary foam that adjusts to your body weight and temperature. The Aloe Vera gel treatment and the cashmere and 3D space fabrics keep you fresh and cool. The Ortho variant is made from Flo responsive foam and polyurethane foam, giving you strong support for any back ailments you may have. There is a touch of bounce and springiness as well, making this one of the best mattresses in India for back pain.

6.    Dreamzee Orthocare Eurotop Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress promises refreshing sleep and healthy living for many years, with its five-year warranty. It has a two-inch cushion of Visco memory foam, which has been created by NASA. Due to its heat-sensitive material, this is the best mattress in India if you suffer from painful backaches or a spine injury. It is ideal to help you maintain the posture of your body. It also comes with a quilted cover, which is machine-made, premium, and imported.

7.    Linenwalas Microfiber Mattress Padding

This best mattress brand in India started business in 1994. It now offers mattresses at the most pocket-friendly prices. This mattress provides you with a 5-star hotel-like experience. It is constructed of super micro-fibre filling, which is imported, offering you a comfortable and gentle sleeping experience. The elastic straps present on the four corners lend it a look spectacular. Moreover, its pearly white hue and baffle box stitches make it look luxurious and irresistible.

8.    Nilkamal Value+ Mattress

This is one of the most common, well-loved, and best mattress brands in India. It offers durability, comfort, and great value for money. This mattress from Nilkamal is four inches thick and made from lux/evlon foam, giving you that much-needed period of rest and relaxation after a long day at work. It is a multilayered product, which requires no assembly. It has a medium-firm feel and comes with two years of manufacturer warranty. Customers with backache problems have reviewed it as one of the most affordable and best mattresses in India for back pain.

Any mattress you pick from this list of best mattress brands in India will ensure you that you have a sound sleep. Make your decision based on your budget, bedroom area size, comfort requirements, and any back ailments that you may have.


Disclaimer: In case you have been facing sleep-related issues, we recommend you consult a doctor before making your choice of mattress. 

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