Does Alcohol Kill Coronavirus? Major Myth Busted


Does alcohol kill coronavirus? This has been one of the most commonly asked questions about the virus. Here are all the details that you need to know.

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does alcohol kill coronavirus

The Coronavirus epidemic has claimed close to 3116 lives globally so far. Containing the deadly virus has proven to be extremely difficult owing to the contagious nature of the virus. As the virus continues to spread, so have a number of myths and rumours about the virus.

One of the many such rumours has been about the ability of alcohol to kill the coronavirus. The rumour started with a meme which had the morphed picture of a leading news anchor with a news header that said, "alcohol kills coronavirus". This piece of information was said to be false in the most recent turn of events.

Does alcohol kill coronavirus?

After the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, a wide range of people started talking about how alcohol might be the solution to keeping the virus away. However, according to verified news portals, the consumption of alcohol will not make a difference to build one's immunity against Coronavirus.

According to a leading international daily, The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the US has been of the opinion that using a sanitizer which is made up of about 60 per cent alcohol will help a person in killing the virus. Since most people have been saying that alcohol kills Coronavirus, a number of theories about spraying alcohol all over one's body also surfaced. This prevention method has also been ridiculed by most verified personnel.

The grave concern regarding coronavirus is the intensity at which it spreads amongst the people. The most concerning part of this disease has been the inability to stop it from spreading. Here are a few details about the coronavirus so far.

How does it spread?

Coronavirus will spread from one person to another mainly through viral droplets. The viral droplet will affect a person if it enters the body through eyes, nose, or mouth. The virus might enter into your body through the nose as we cough, sneeze, breathe, and talk. People have been advised to keep a proper distance while they are communicating with a person. The spokesperson of the World Health Organisation, Christian Lindmeier, said that one must maintain at least three feet distance from any person who is sick.

Does it affect everyone at the same level?

Coronavirus does not affect everyone in the same manner. People with poor medical history are the ones who get adversely affected by the COVID-19 virus. Even the people who are aged beyond a point must take utmost care and prevent the disease from occurring.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Being aware of the epidemic and the happenings around it will help you curb the disease. There are a few common signs that have been noticed in Coronavirus patients. This includes symptoms like fever, cough, cold, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. A number of people neglect these symptoms as they occur commonly. These must, however, be taken seriously.

Prevention of Coronavirus

  1. Thoroughly wash hands after returning home from anywhere
  2. Use an N95 mask instead of a surgical mask as the surgical ones are highly unreliable
  3. Carry extra masks to offer to people who seem sick or have been coughing or sneezing
  4. Avoid crowded places and gatherings until the situation is under control
  5. Keep a watch for symptoms. Do not take any of them lightly

Coronavirus situation in India

The coronavirus epidemic has already resulted in the death of a huge number of people. According to a report by a leading daily, five cases have been confirmed in India so far. One of the cases is in the national capital, Delhi, while another one is in Karnataka. One of the cases has also been reported from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Most of these cases have been detected amongst those who travelled outside the country. At the moment, Karnataka and Telangana have been put under alert as the authorities trace the trials of the infected.

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Coronavirus situation around the would

Coronavirus situation at the moment is reportedly at a point where 90,860 cases have been confirmed while 3116 people have lost their lives over the virus. Cases in China have been slowing down but globally, the disease has been spreading fast. Iran, the US, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong are amongst the countries that are on high alert.

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