Various Health Benefits Of Cutting Down Sugar From Your Diet


Eating too much sugar has many health effects, the most obvious being weight gain. Here are the health benefits of cutting down sugar from your diet. Read more

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In its natural state, sugar is a relatively harmless carbohydrate that the body needs in order to function properly. It is also present in vegetables, fruits, and dairy compounds, in the form of lactose or fructose. While both these proteins are important for the body, the problem arises when sugar is consumed in a large quantity. Eating too much sugar has many health effects, the most obvious being weight gain. Here are the health benefits of cutting down sugar from your diet. Take a look.

Keeps blood pressure in control

Consumption of high sugar leads to weight gain. Weight gain can increase the risk of high blood pressure. Added sugars can also raise your blood pressure on their own. In fact, it has been observed that sugar may be as big of a problem as salt when it comes to hypertension. High blood pressure increases the heart’s workload and can damage the arteries over time. Eventually, this can lead to heart diseases, stroke, kidney damage, artery disease, and heart attack.

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Lowers the risk of diabetes

Eating sugar does not directly affect diabetes but does result in weight gain. Increased weight results in an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes. This happens because the buildup of fat makes the body resistant to the effects of insulin. To compensate for that, the pancreas pump out more insulin than it should. Eventually, the pancreas cannot keep up with the body’s increased demand, and as a result, the blood sugar rises in the form of diabetes.

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Helps skin look younger

Sugar in the bloodstream attaches to proteins to form advanced glycation end products or AGEs. AGEs damage elastin and collagen, the protein fibres that keep the skin firm and elastic. The damage done to elastin and collagen leads to wrinkles, or commonly referred to as ‘sugar sag’. Inflammation caused by excess sugar intake has been linked to other skin conditions as well, like psoriasis.

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Help have more energy

The very idea of ‘sugar rush’ is said to be a myth. It is observed that sugar does not provide an energy boost. In fact, high sugar intake results in tiredness and less alertness. One can rely on slow-burning carbs and high protein foods, in order to gain energy.

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Reduces depression

Several studies held by a leading lifestyle daily have suggested that diets that include high sugar consumption often lead to depression. There are very few reasons for the connection between sugar and depression, but sugar increases inflammation in the body, that results in a depressive effect on the mood. Sweets affect the body’s insulin response in a way that changes the hormone levels.

DISCLAIMER | This information is taken from various health and medical journals. Consulting a doctor is advised before making any changes in your diet plan with respect to the above-mentioned information.

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