Health Tips: Is Red Wine Good For You? Find Out Details Here


Health tips from wine may sound weird but this revered beverage has a lot of health benefits including boosting bacteria. Read more to know about the effects.

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Wine is one of the most revered beverages in the world. Apart from being a perfect companion for a party, wine has several health benefits. Wine helps in clearing your skin, and provide you with a natural glow. Drinking wine can also be helpful for your gut.

Could Red Wine Boost Your gut?

According to Caroline Le Roy, a research associate at King’s College London, wine helps in increasing the diversity of the good bacteria in your microbiome. This helps in lowering bad cholesterol and also helps in losing weight. Wine affects the gut not because of the alcohol component but because of the polyphenols present in the red wine. This component is also found in fruits and vegetables.

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According to a study of King’s College, different alcoholic beverages were tested on different people. The result of the study showed that only red wine resulted in more diverse microbiome. The microbiome is a collection of bacteria in the gut that has an important role in health. These healthy microbiomes help in digestion and prevent several diseases from affecting the body.

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An unhealthy microbiome can lead to poor functioning of the immune system, weight gain, and high cholesterol, as concluded by Le Roy. A microbiome that has lots of different bacteria is a healthy microbiome. The research also found that red wine improves the number of different bacteria in the microbiome in comparison to people who don’t drink wine. Even after considering factors like diet, socioeconomic status, and age of different people, the effect remained the same.

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While drinking a small amount of red wine has many health benefits, excessive consumption of alcohol has unhealthy effects on the body such as liver diseases, certain cancers, pancreatitis, and a damaged immune system. The American Heart Association suggests that an average of one to two glass of wine per day for men and one glass for women does not cause many effects to the body.

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Disclaimer: The following information is taken from different medical journals and the effects may vary from person to person. Also, the consumption of excess alcohol is injurious to health.

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