Coffee: Here Are The Side Effects Of Coffee Overdose You Must Be Aware Of


It is known that there are many coffee benefits for your health. However, coffee overdose can lead to many health issues. Here are the various side effects.

Written By Shraddha Chaugale | Mumbai | Updated On:

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in the world. It is loaded with many health benefits, but anything in excess can prove bad for your health and the same goes for coffee. Too much of coffee can have many side effects. If you feel addicted to coffee, then you must know the potential side effects of coffee.


Consuming coffee helps you stay alert. While alertness can be one of the coffee benefits, coffee overdose is known to lead to anxiety and nervousness. That may lead to increased heart and breathing rate which can prove harmful in the long run. If you find yourself nervous and anxious most of the time, it may be time to check on your coffee overdose and cut it down.

Sleep disorders

If you are suffering from insomnia and find it hard to sleep, then you may have to check if you are indulging in coffee overdose. Too much coffee consumption is known to hamper your sleep cycle. It is known to interact with melatonin hormone, which regulates your sleep cycle. Thus, check for your coffee intakes.

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Low-nutrient absorption

Coffee overdose is known to hamper your digestive system. This, in turn, helps to reduce your absorption rate. Consuming coffee in large amounts is known to hamper the absorption of nutrients and iron. So it is advised that you keep a check on the cups of coffee you are drinking.

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Increased restlessness

You may be grabbing a cup of coffee to relieve stress and get some time off from the busy schedules. But consuming coffee in large amounts is known to aggravate anxiety in you. It is known to lead to restlessness. The best way is to reduce your coffee intake if you have been drinking in large amounts.

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Heartburn and discomfort

Your favourite cup of coffee can also make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. It is known that the caffeine aggravates with the acid produced in your stomach. That leads to heartburn and you may feel uncomfortable with it. You may suffer may acidity and can leave you feeling bloated.

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