How To Cure Stomach Pain: 5 Effective Ways To Ease Menstrual Cramps


How to cure stomach pain during periods is a common question asked for many women. When the cramps can get extremely painful, these remedies will ease your pain

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how to cure stomach pain

Many women experience menstrual cramps during their monthly periods. These cramps can get extremely painful, especially for the first few days. Here are some home remedies that will help you manage stomach pain during periods.

Why do women experience cramps/stomach pain during the menstrual cycle?

Menstrual cramps or stomach pain usually occurs in the lower abdomen, thighs, and pelvic area. During periods, the uterus contracts to eliminate the uterus lining; causing distress and stomach pain. There are a few other medical conditions that can cause menstrual cramps, in which case one should visit a doctor.

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How to manage pain during periods?

Menstrual cramps can really affect a girl's day-to-day life if the pain is not managed. There are many options that can help ease the discomfort.

Applying Heat:

Heat can help with stomach pain. Preparing a warm bath or placing a heating pad on your lower stomach can reduce pain during periods. Heat application works because it relaxes the muscles and increases the blood flow to the pelvic region.

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During lighter-flow days, light exercises or some amount of physical activity can relieve the pain of cramps. Exercising boosts blood circulation and releases ‘feel-good’ hormones like serotonin. Aerobic exercise is the best type of workout one can do.  

Reducing stress:

High levels of mental stress are associated with painful periods. Reducing stress levels can help ease the intensity of cramps.


Increase the intake of vegetables and foods that are high in calcium, antioxidants like baked foods, tomatoes, blueberries etc. Avoid eating fatty food, alcohol, carbonated beverages, and foods that are high in caffeine. Try eating healthy food during your periods.

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Oil massage:

Some essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties. Because of these properties, massages with essential oils can help soothe menstrual pain. Certain oils like lavender oil, will improve blood circulation and reduce pain. Rubbing a few drops of essential oil on your belly or adding a couple of drops in your bath water can also help.

All of these home remedies to cure stomach pain will undoubtedly be helpful to manage the pain during periods. If the cramping or stomach pain does not subside, one should consult a doctor for immediate treatment.

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