Insomnia: Six Ways To Help You Sleep Better | Causes, Hacks And More

Written By Brandon Fernandes | Mumbai | Published:


  • People around the world suffer from Insomnia, more so now than ever before
  • Insomnia is caused due to stress, workload, and rise in technology
  • Here are 6 tips to beat insomnia

Most people in the world suffer from insomnia in some form or the other. This is more often than not because of a hectic lifestyle and rise in technology. A few of the most common insomnia reasons have been excess workload, irregular eating habits, stress, and depression. If you are an insomniac, it may even affect your work as you may see a fall in performance or memory.

Here, we bring to you 6 insomnia remedies that may help: 

Restricting your mid-day naps 

Do not compromise on your sound sleep. Instead, try to maintain a set pattern for your sleeping habits. While taking naps appears to be a great way to make up for your sleep, it may also be a reason for insomnia. Keeping a set routine for your sleeping hours at night will program your body to sleep better and wake up fresh.

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Tiring yourself out

Regular exercise may improve the quality and duration of sleep. Cardio exercises such as swimming, cycling, and walking will help you get better sleep. Even bodyweight exercises like pushups, squats and lunges can sufficiently tire you out. But make sure you don’t go to bed right after exercising. Try and exercise three hours before going to bed. 

But, not stressing too much

Stress is a major factor due to which people suffer from lack of sleep. Stress can be induced with a hectic work schedule or at times just with overthinking about everything. There are several ways to reduce stress such as meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. These will help relax the mind and body and make you calm and help you stay focused.

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Keeping your food and drink at bay before going to sleep

Eating and drinking right before going to bed might have side-effects such as acidity and constipation. This may lead to a disturbance in your sleep at night. Make sure you have your dinner at least an hour before your bedtime. Drinking a lot of water may overfill your bladder which may again lead to waking up at odd hours through the night. 

The environment you sleep in

Setting an environment is everything! Sleeping in an uncomfortable position leads to problems. Make sure you rest on a bed that is not too soft nor too hard, as that may also lead to back problems. Make sure you sleep in a quiet and a normal temperature room. You may even light a few scented candles and that will make you sleep better. 

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Avoiding excess caffeine

Caffeine’s effects can last for several hours, possibly for an entire day and so it has significant chances of affecting your sleep. Not only can caffeine cause sleep initiation difficulties, but also frequent awakenings. Hence, avoid having coffee 5 hours before your bedtime. You can instead have a glass of hot water - which may have a similar effect as caffeine, but will not keep you up until late into the night. 

These are a few simple ways to beat insomnia. Do try them and let us know if they help you. If you come across any unique ways to challenge lack of sleep, do let us know in the comments below.

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