Life Hacks, Tips, And Tricks To Make Your Everyday Life At Home Easier


You just need to look at these life hacks that can help you make your life easy. People facing such problems can use these hacks with easily available items.

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Many people look for the best hacks and tips to make their life easy. Every day, we face some or other problems that can put our work on hold. You just need to look at these life hacks that can help you make your life easy. To simplify your life, here is a list of five life hacks.

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1. Unclog drains without expensive chemicals

When you face an unclogged drain and want to clear it instantly, you can mix 1/3 cup of baking soda with 1/3 cup of vinegar by measuring it in a cup. This can be an instant way to clear the clogged drain without wasting much time. Let it rest for an hour or even overnight if you can. Flush it with hot water afterwards. Alternatively, get as much of the dry baking soda as you can down the drain first, then pour in the vinegar.

2. Get rid of unusual odour from the house

Old Newspapers can be used as one of the most important home remedy hacks to make your life easier. Newspaper and ink, both can absorb odour. Putting old newspapers at the bottom of your dustbin can help you absorb the liquid waste. You can also try stuffing newspaper in stinky shoes or even a plastic food container. You can also get rid of smelly lunch-boxes with the help of a newspaper. 

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3. Marker stains? Not to worry

You can easily remove marker stains from clothes by applying hand sanitizer. Walls with marker stains can be cleaned by toothpaste or hairspray. Vinegar can be used to clean the carpet with marker spots. If you have marker spots on your wooden plank or any wood material, you can be helped by rubbing alcohol on those stains.

4. Almost finished your jar of Nutella?

Leftover Nutella can be utilised as a delicious dessert. So, end your jar with an ice-cream and enjoy it. Spill your cereal of choice into the jar. Fill it with milk and place your lid. Shake it smoothly to blend it all and finish the leftover Nutella deliciously.

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5. Paper clips to organise 

Paper clips can be used to manage all sorts of exceptional tasks- ex: to keep your desk in an organised manner, to hold all your cables at the place without tangling them always, etc. Put one clip on and thread a cable through the clip, and you are done with it. Paper clips are easily available in the market and work wonders when it comes to its utility in home-based organisation tasks.

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